Silk saree has always been the first choice for royal women among the various other fabrics because it is the best fabric which represents the elegance and royalness of women.  Wearing silk sarees brings feelings of best quality and richness in our minds instantly. We can get these textile saree from the best place and from the online sites. The sarees wholesale is always present in every good market with the best quality.We can get these Saree collections  from the best place and from the online sites. 

The queens and princesses of ancient India have used silk sarees and clothing of silk material. Silk has always been the first choice of women no matter what time or century we are living in.We can get these silk saree from the best sarees wholesale market . 


There are many types of silk saree in India. Some of the best ones are here:

  • Banarasi silk saree:

Banarasi silk saree is very famous all over India. It is basically derived from the place Banaras, India. The Indian bride’s also wear these banarasi saree in their wedding. It symbolizes the classiness and richness of a woman. The features of banarasi silk saree are figures with small details, compact weaving, gold work, metallic visuals effectively and many more. These saree are made up of a lot of hardwork and great skill by using silk, gold and silver brocade or zari.

This is the most favored saree worn by the royal womens. It is so eye-catching that women love to wear it  and bring confidence to the eyes of women.

  • Baluchari silk saree:

These saaree are mainly famous in Bengal as Bengali ladies wear these silk sarees as it is their culture.

These sarees are made up from the cocoon of the silkworm.

This shows the royalness of ladies; it was also used by the queen of Bengal. The ladies wear these silk sarees on special occasions and weddings. 

  • Chanderi silk saree:

It is one of the finest silk sarees mainly famous in Madhya Pradesh, India. The ladies of Madhya Pradesh wear these saare on the special occasions. These sarees were also worn by the queens of Madhya Pradesh. These silk sarees  are lightweight, smooth, shining and transparent that gives the best look on the royal women. It includes traditional coins, geometric designs, peacock, floral art, etc.

  • Kanchipuram silk sarees:

These silk sarees are mainly famous in Tamil Nadu, India. These silk sarees were also worn by the queens and princesses of ancient history and from there the kanchipuram silk sarees are still worn by the Tamil ladies. These are worn by the Tamil women as it is their tradition to wear these saare in special occasions and festivals.

The silk sarees give the feeling of royalty to women that look very nice and spectacular.

Advantages of silk sarees:

  • It is very comfortable and beautiful for women which gives the feeling of richness.
  • Silk sarees are special for ladies as they mainly wear it at special occasions, festivals and weddings.
  • It is very lightweight and is of  affordable range with good quality.
  • It gives confidence to the person wearing it and makes the person more beautiful.