An Easy Guide To Getting Workers’ Compensation After Getting Injured

Did you know that if you get injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation? Yes! You would be surprised how many people don’t even realize this. In this blog post, we will cover three common scenarios and what your rights are in those situations.

Injured On The Job, But It Isn’t A Work-Related Injury

In this situation, if your injury was not related to the scope of employment (your job), then you would still be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You may also be able to file a third-party claim against another person or entity who is responsible for your injury.

For example, if you are working on a project for work that required the use of machinery and you suffered a back or spine injury on the job because there were no proper safety measures maintained, then this would be considered an incident outside of the scope of employment. This means that you could file a third-party claim against whoever is responsible for the maintenance of those machines.

File A Claim

It’s easy and can be done online or by phone. Just call your employer within 30 days of getting injured, if you haven’t already. They’ll give you a claim form that you fill out and send back to them for filing with their insurance company or Third Party Administrator.

The state workers’ comp office will then contact you for more information about your injury. And that’s it! You’ll have to submit medical bills related to the claim, but this is where it gets easier too because all of your doctors are required by law to help out with reasonable accommodations on claims involving work injuries. That means they don’t have to charge you for services or see you as frequently. They should also provide a detailed report of your injuries and treatment, which is a big plus.

Put A Paper Trail Together

If you are injured at work, the first thing your employer will ask for is proof that you were hurt on the job. This can be a tricky situation to navigate if you don’t have all of the right information together immediately after getting injured because not knowing what to do can make it easier for an insurance company or other party involved in your case to contest your claim and deny you benefits.

Report Your Injuries To The Employer

As soon as you can work, contact your employer and give them a detailed report of your injuries. This is the easiest way for the carrier to have full knowledge about what happened to evaluate if there was any negligence or misconduct involved with this incident. If it’s found that another party was responsible, they can seek recovery against them through their insurance.

This will also ensure that your employer knows about the situation and can offer you any assistance they can give or re-assign tasks if necessary. If for some reason this doesn’t happen right away, make note of all injuries immediately after it happens. This way there is no confusion regarding what was done during the event, and you can proceed accordingly.

Get Medical Treatment

After an injury, seek medical attention right away. The doctor will document your injuries and can give you a written treatment plan that could be helpful to get workers’ compensation benefits in the future. If possible it is advisable to avoid pain medication until after talking with a lawyer or insurance company so as not to negatively affect any potential claim for benefits down the road.

Keep A Record Of The Treatment

As you obtain and receive treatment and care for your injury, it is very important to keep a record of the treatments received. This will help you in several ways: – It helps prove that one type of treatment was given before another so there isn’t any dispute about which injuries were treated first or how many times they needed to be treated. It can help you prove that your injury was caused by an accident at work. This evidence could be used later on should the insurance company decide to terminate or reduce benefits, or if they make any decisions about what treatment is necessary for the future care of your injuries.

There are many reasons why workers get injured or even killed on the job every year, but most of these injuries could be avoided if employers provided proper training and safety measures for their employees. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what happens in practice so it is up to the workers themselves to file a claim if they are injured on the job.

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