You live life on the cutting edge, and you want the same for your business. You want to change the world of construction and manufacturing for the better.
You are wondering how your business could utilize 3D scanning to upgrade your process.

What can you do to integrate the latest technologies into your construction company successfully?

Keep reading to find out what it takes to be on the cutting edge and at the forefront of digital 3D modeling for construction and manufacturing.

3D Scanning Technologies

3D modeling software and the ways we plan are transforming with a process called 3D capture. This technology is shaping the way we manufacture and build our world. This is especially true for the users of this software.

The analog ways of the blueprint and ruler are becoming obsolete. Modern reality capture technologies offer a much more reliable system of recording and planning. Instead of several site visits to double- and triple-check measurements, a single drone survey can map a precise 3D model the very first time.

3D modeling and mapping can record actual site conditions in a fraction of the time, with an impressive amount of accuracy. This changes everything for so many industries. 

For construction and architecture, it means the ability to foresee obstacles in a project before they can hinder the outcome of all your hard work.

Using 3D laser scanning instead of collecting the exact details with a conventional 2D surveyor cuts costs by half. This process is lighting fast and shockingly simple.

Perfecting Your Digital 3D Model

3D laser scanners are helpful when crafting accurate drafts for clients or for your team to analyze before construction begins.

This type of planning can be beneficial if your budget is on the smaller side and you have little room for error and mistakes. Think of this type of modeling as following the reliable form of “measure twice and cut once.”

Processers can stream data from on-site drones and other reality capture devices into 3D models. These models are then manipulated in AutoCAD or other applications before construction. 

Precise planning can be beneficial when working on a tight deadline or with materials you cannot afford to waste. Using 3D modeling and design can help you to accomplish those jobs that seem impossible.

Laser Scanning Is an Asset to Your Company

At one point in time, mapping and construction planning was a complex task that required many hours of labor—performed mainly on large-scale projects for the construction team’s benefit. Today’s tech applications make this work more simple to utilize.

We can now embed point cloud data into design and development workflows. Your work can become stunningly accurate, and you can expand your ability to create.

No matter the specific construction or design job, 3D scanning can save you time and a lot of money. All those headaches that come along with architecture and construction melt away because of beautiful, precise planning.

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