We, at GuideBrain, give utmost importance to online privacy and we understand all the concerns of the users. We collect information only with your consent when you sign up for any of our newsletter or similar activities. Remember that the information you enter on the forums will be available for anyone to read or capture it. Hence, do not enter sensitive information on the site.

Information That’s Automatically Collected When You See with GuideBrain

On accessing the website, we may collect information like cookies, web beacons, and technology that are similar. The data becomes gathered when you visit the Website such as the IP address information about network configurations and your browser. We provide importance and we know the users’ concerns. We gather information only when you register for some of pursuits or our newsletter. Bear in mind that will be accessible for anybody to read or catch it. Do not enter information. Children’s Privacy For company purposes To safeguard against fraud, identity theft, and other actions that are illegal We can use the data collected on Get Help for functions as recorded below:

How We Safeguard Data

We undertake appropriate technical, administrative, and physical steps to safeguard your information from destruction, or criminal, loss, alteration or use. There is absolutely no assurance of the security of data. To provide opportunities to participate in contests, programs, events or some other activity that is comparable

The use of this Information We Collect For the development of the Enterprise

How We Share Information

Cookies are files which are utilized to store information. Our website may use cookies along with other kinds of storage that is . We put tags or in mails to handle the data collection that is automated. Web beacons are documents that connect their biscuits and servers and web pages. They might be used for counting the amount of visitors, inspecting the website is steered through by users, assessing many mails delivered by people are opened and the amount of links or posts which are seen by people. If any legislation or to run any procedure requires it;

To do data analytics Concerning the site’s Use To provide solutions and products as per your request Might have.

Children’s Privacy

For statistical purposes and analytics or to Give advice to the advertisers regarding the nature To Satisfy the Corporation’s policies in Addition to the applicable needs Guide Brain hasn’t yet been designed to be used by kids. We don’t purposely collect private data of children that are under age 16. All of the details will be completely deleted by us, if we must understand that we’ve collected data below the age of 16.