Are you one of those lucky ones that have 401k accounts as part of their retirement plan? Well, congratulations because these accounts are difficult to get nowadays. It has become challenging to save money for retirement because of the ongoing pandemic. But what if I tell you there is an investment strategy where you can potentially earn money for your retirement funds in the future?

One type of precious metal that has been making noise in the market since time immemorial is gold. With your 401k account, you can invest in these tangible assets by transferring your funds to a self-directed gold IRA. Sounds skeptical? In this article, let me help you get a more thorough understanding of what it is all about. I’ll even let you in on some benefits of investing in gold! 

All About The 401k Gold IRA Rollover

I presume you already know what 401k IRA is. If not, 401k individual retirement accounts are just like personal savings but with a few extra steps. 401k IRA is a tax-advantaged retirement account that is offered by an employer to their workers. It is primarily for individuals to save and invest in their retirement.

It works by making contributions to the accounts through automatic payroll withholding. The employers can also match (read more) all or some of those contributions. The money comes in without being taxed until the employee withdraws it, typically after the employee retires. Some other plan like the Roth 401k is tax-free at withdrawal.

During planning for the 401k with your employer, you choose how much from your payroll will go into the account. The money goes directly to the 401k without tax. You can also select which things to invest in, such as bonds and stocks.

As for Gold IRA, it converts your regular 401k account into a gold-backed IRA. Then, the money that goes to your account won’t automatically invest in stocks, bonds, or extra-traded funds. Instead, the funds are invested in gold bars and coins. So why is it a good idea? Well, investors exploit their investments by holding on to possible gains from increasing precious metal prices!

What does rollover mean? Moving funds from your 401k account to a self-directed gold IRA is called a Rollover. A rollover of funds is only permitted when you leave the company or retire. There are two types of rollovers; they are direct and indirect.

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The Two Types Of Rollover:

  • Indirect Rollover

In Indirect rollover, the 401k account provider pends a check with the money, and they are given to the employee to deposit in their account. They are then given 60 days to re-deposit found to their IRA. An indirect rollover is more difficult because it can leave you owing taxes if not accomplished desirably. Additionally, if you withdraw from it, there is a 10% withdrawal penalty if you are under 59 and a half years old.

  • Direct Rollover

The direct rollover type is the more desirable option as it protects your retirement funds from penalties and income taxes. Indirect rollover, your funds are directly transferred from one account to another without touching it, saving you from withdrawal penalties. It is effective when transferring funds after moving from a company or moving them to a self-directed account.

For gold IRA direct rollover, your 401k provider issues a check to the custodian of your choosing. The money is then send directly to your account or the custodian. For a more in-depth guide, visit 401k to gold IRA rollover guide to learn about the process. Most providers can start your rollover over the phone. The whole process when doing a full rollover can take up to six weeks!

Benefits Of Investing Gold

  1. There Are Always Buyers
Gold precious metal

Gold is a precious metal, particularly in countries that are tied to their culture. India is the best example of a country that has used precious metals for parties, religious activities, and accessories. Another country that uses gold is the Republic of China. 

A seasonal event occurs in China in which people are encourage to exchange jewelry. It is like a Christmas event of gift-giving, but with jewelry. These gifts are called love-trade, and the precious metal is traded often.

With These two countries alone that have the most populations and love to buy gold, how much more if the whole world is involve in the trade? The bottom line is, gold investors would not run out of buyers. Even with increasing prices of the precious metal, there would always be someone who would buy them!

  1. Less Supply Leads To High Demands

It is sad to say that our resources from these precious metals are shrinking every day. It is now more difficult to find them in their natural sources. The deposits are now running low, and they are often in small chunks or nuggets when found. However, the demand for gold in the market skyrocket, which also means the prices rise. That is good news for those investors who bought the precious metal at lower prices at first.

  1. Gold Value Is Almost Always High

Dating back to the dark ages, these precious metals are well-sought for not only because of their elegant and beautiful color but also because of their shine. Gold coins are utilize as currency, and they often hold more value than silver and copper. Well, that is still true today!

Today, precious metal has more uses than being a currency. It has many usages, and that equates to higher prices. They are always on demand and at some time can peak in the market!