It’s not hard to find someone who will disagree about the importance of a web presence. However, being online isn’t always enough to take advantage of the internet. Now that website design has a 75% impact on a company’s credibility, you can’t afford to offer a poor design to your visitors.

You need a fantastic website layout if you want to get the attention of your visitors. Use the five web design tips below when designing a website to create a great user experience.

1. Keep Things Simple

It’s tempting to cram as much information on your pages as possible. It makes sense if you want to provide as much detail to people as possible so they can make an informed decision. However, this is often detrimental and causes people to leave your site.

Keep your design as simple as you can. Don’t cram as much information and links as you can on every page. Let your visitors focus on your page content without distraction.

2. Minimize Bloat

Several well-designed images can work wonders in improving a site’s design, but that often comes at the expense of speed. The more large pictures you have, the more your visitors need to download.

While this may not be a problem for people on high-speed internet connections, the same isn’t true for people on mobile devices. Try to keep your page size small to avoid long load times for mobile users.

3. Include a Call to Action

Even if you do a great job of informing your customers, you won’t make the sale if you don’t do more. Many people don’t think of what to do next after they finish reading an article or watching a video. It’s on you to point people in the right direction.

A call to action is the next step in the process. Point your visitors to another page that gets them to take action. That action can be anything from buying a product to joining an email list.

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4. Create Accessibility Features

You have more than average people to consider when designing websites. Now, many web-enabled devices help disabled people browse the web without problems.

However, you need to do some work to adapt your website for those devices. Check the accessibility standards and add the necessary features for people using accessibility devices.

5. Get Help

Creating a great web experience is hard when you’re on your own. You’re only making best guesses when trying to figure out what works. While you may do good in most situations, you won’t get optimal results.

An experienced company like the one right here can offer many benefits if you don’t already have a designer. They’ll look at your requirements and your website goals to help you design a great experience for your visitors.

Keep Learning Other Web Design Tips

There is a lot that goes into small business websites, so the above web design tips are only a few of the things you can use for your site. Keep on looking for other tips that will help when building a website. The more you do create a great experience, the better chance you have of impressing your visitors and making more sales.

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