Have you just been hit by a drunk driver? Don’t panic. We’re here to help and you’re going to be okay.

Still, you’ve no time to waste. You need to act fast and take the appropriate steps so that you’re taken care of, medically and legally.

And we’re going to walk you through it. Just read through this checklist of what to do when you’ve been hit by a drunk driver. Then, simply follow these 5 steps one at a time.

1. Call 911

First thing’s first: get the police involved. After all, this isn’t merely an “accident.” Drunk driving is a serious crime.

Thus, the police will need to get involved, anyway. When you call them right away to report the accident, you’re also making sure this case is officially documented. This will help you later if and when you take legal action.

2. Do Not Settle With Their Insurance

In very rare cases, it might be helpful to settle with the drunk driver’s insurance. But you should never, ever do this except as a last resort once you’ve explored all your options.

You see, the insurance company isn’t concerned over whether or not you’re fully taken care of. They only want to lose as little money as possible.

They may contact you very quickly after the accident with an offer to settle. But know this: any offer you take from them is all you’re ever going to get. If it’s not enough, then you’re straight out of luck.

So, before you settle, it’s imperative that you follow all the other steps on this list first.

3. Gather and Report Information

If you’re able to safely walk and move freely, gather information about the accident. Get the license plate number and information about the vehicle, the driver, and their insurance company. Take lots and lots of pictures of the damage.

Now, report this information to your insurance company and to the police.

4. Get Medical Help

This isn’t only for health reasons but for legal reasons, too. Your initial and subsequent medical evaluations after this accident will reveal exactly how much this accident will cost you in medical bills. You definitely need this information before taking any offer from the insurance company.

5. Get a Lawyer

Finally, you will need a lawyer to move forward with this. As we said, this was a crime that the drunk driver involved you in.

Plus, a lawyer will know best how much compensation you’re likely to get for recompense. For example, according to this article, you should be entitled to more than you’d get after a normal car accident because a drunk driver was involved. Also, the lawyer will help you determine if it’s better to settle with the insurance company outside of court.

Got Hit By a Drunk Driver?

If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver, call 911. Then, follow the rest of the steps on this list for the best possible outcome.

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