Let’s face it, the internet is taking the world by storm, and the only way to truly grow any type of business is to have a robust social media presence. Social media has become one of the most popular ways to promote and market your business ventures, so knowing and understanding the best way to utilize this resource is critical. 

To reach a larger audience online, you need to create an online presence that is valuable to your viewers and have a product or service that is useful. If you’re a business owner, you’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting your products or services, so now it’s up to marketing efforts to get the word out to your potential customers. 

Since some of you are new to the world of social media, let’s dive in and look at the top six secrets to creating shareworthy content and growing your business’s social media presence today. 

Research What’s Trending

Research What’s Trending

The most vital first step to creating the best shareworthy content online is to research what’s trending. People are much more inclined to read about a topic that is trending and hot now than something that’s either not popular or old news. 

Trending topics are topics that people are buzzing about right now. They are usually things related to pop culture, technology, celebrities, or diet trends. Still, they really can be anything at all. Suppose you find a trending topic that everybody is talking about and add your unique spin to it. In that case, you are bound to create shareworthy content that everyone will want to read and share on their social media pages. 

To find the current trending topics, you can turn to tools such as Google Trends or social media. Social media platforms like Twitter make it easy to find trending topics, and you can also leverage social listening to discover what topics people are talking about related to your business. You can then use this data to help guide you toward topics that are trending the most. 

Include Social Share Buttons on your Page

Another tool you should use if you’re trying to grow your social media audience is to always include social share buttons that link to your account. Whenever you create shareworthy content that people want to share with their friends on their own pages, they can easily do so by clicking on your social share buttons — without ever leaving your website. 

You can also add social share buttons at the end of everything you write on your blog or pages on your website. You can even embed social media follow buttons in your email signature or share buttons in your email newsletters to encourage your audience to follow you and share your content on their favorite social media networks.   

Pay Attention to your Feedback

When creating content online, you’re bound to get some haters. Of course, some of those online trolls will be causing trouble for no reason, and you should ignore them, but others may have some good advice and feedback on your content. So always listen to your audience’s requests; if valid, make changes accordingly.  

Comments are a great way to obtain this feedback, so if you start to notice a trend of people having the same complaints, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy and start posting more valuable content that resonates with all of your viewers. 

Make Your Content Fun to Read

So many people are doing the same thing right now, which is to repost other peoples’ trending content. This strategy is a good and easy way to grow your social media account. Still, it isn’t the best strategy if you’re looking for viewers who will also become clients or future customers. 

Make your content stand out from the rest. You should still use the trending topics to bring in more readers but then pivot from that and into your unique content that’s designed to engage your ideal customer. People like to engage in fun and interesting content, so make your content something others will want to share. 

One way to do this is by creating video content. Video content is hot right now, so creating fun and exciting videos that people will enjoy watching is a great way to increase your engagement. 

Ask Your Viewers Questions

It’s no secret that people love to talk about themselves. A study by the National Academy of Sciences showed that when people talked about themselves, the area in their brains linked to feeling worthy and of value was lit up. So, utilize this information and promote your online business by asking others questions and getting them to talk about themselves. 

While creating share-worthy content, encourage your followers to chime in by asking questions or inviting them to give their advice and opinions. Then, when you start to engage more with your followers, they are much more likely to engage back and share your content with their own social media followers.  

Make Your Social Share Buttons Easy to Find

Finally, when creating the best share-worthy content on the internet, you must add those social share buttons in a place that is easy to find. Most people will put them at the end of their content so that as soon as the reader is done reading, they can simply click that handy button and share it right from there. 

While having social media sharing buttons at the end of your content is a common placement, it’s also a good idea to place them at the beginning. That way, if someone reads your title and already really likes what they see, they can easily share it right away before finishing the article, video, etc. 

Wrap Up

Using social media to promote your business is a great way to bring in more viewers, and ultimately more customers. One of the best ways to grow your social media audience is by getting your readers and followers to share your content with their own networks. Including social share buttons on your page, listening to feedback, and creating fun and engaging content while getting readers to talk about themselves are all secrets to making the best shareworthy content on the internet.

So get out there and promote your business by creating hot new content for all to share!