You probably already know that a roll-off dumpster is a rectangular-shaped container. The container is transported from one location to another with the help of roll-off trucks. So, that is how the name originated. Roll off services, in general, are a versatile way to use these dumpsters. And yes, people can rent these from companies providing dumpster rental services.

If you rent a roll-off dumpster for the first time, it is common to have many questions. So, in this article, you will find all answers to your questions.

When do you need dumpster rental services?

These big disposal bins are most important if you have a decluttering process. Especially for roofing or scrapping out walls or floors, these are convenient. You need a rental company if you are going to renovate your house, clean the lawn, or have any similar amount of debris.

Besides domestic purposes, you can also rent these for commercial projects. That is why you can find dumpsters near construction sites or new buildings. So, it’s good to get these big bins whenever you have a massive project that might leave tons of debris.

Can you dump everything inside them?

Just because it is a container to hold and dispose of debris doesn’t mean people can throw in everything. In simple words, you cannot throw trash of all sorts into the dumpster you have rented. Most professional companies have their guidelines already mentioned on their websites. If not, you must ask your service provider about the things banned from dumping.

In general, any inflammable item is not allowed to be thrown inside a roll-off dumpster. The same applies to hazardous materials, including chemicals and biological wastes. If you are unaware of what your rental company doesn’t allow, consider verifying what you intend to dump beforehand.

Do dumpsters come in a single-size option?

No, they come in multiple sizes for different requirements. Most companies offer two to three different sizes of roll-off dumpsters on rent. You can get a 10-yard, 15-yard, or a 20-yard one.

So, before you order one for your project, make sure you have an estimate of the amount of debris you will have. This is specifically essential to avoid getting a small or a big one for your requirements. If you are unsure about what you exactly need, you can connect with the company’s representatives to have an idea.

Can you dump as much debris as you can inside one?

Often people hiring these big metal containers dump too much inside than it can hold. In fact, the general conception is to fill the dumpsters to their topmost capacity. But, before you choose to do this, make sure about your city’s local rules and regulations. It is important because sometimes there are weight limits that you are bound to follow. One simply cannot put in as much debris as one can inside the container.

Following the weight limit is a must in some states, and you cannot dump extra stuff. Some others have separate regulations like paying extra money for the extra weight. Before you hire the size of your product, don’t forget to ask the company about the regulations.

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How tall is an average dumpster?

If you have a neighborhood garbage bin, you might think these roll-off dumpsters are slightly taller. Well, the ones rental companies provide are way taller than that. For example, a 40-yard container can be as tall as eight feet.

Therefore, ensure that the surrounding area does not have electric wires. You need to find a safe, empty, and accessible place for it.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for roll off services, ensure you always choose a professional rental company. Such a company will have a dependable service and a customer-friendly approach. Moreover, they are most likely to charge affordable prices.