As technology continues to advance and become more prevalent in our society, cell phones have become more than just a way to communicate with people across distances – they’ve become a way of life. They are used as a tool for communication, mobile gaming, and many more. 

Alongside, more advanced accessories are available that you can get to increase cell phone function or even just for decoration purposes. With so many choices available, it can be a bit confusing to choose which one is best for your cell phone. So here are some cool phone accessories and gadgets you can consider getting:

Thermal camera

These imaging attachments transform your smartphone into a professional thermal imaging tool, making it a viable option for many applications. Not all cell phones can be used as thermal cameras. To capture the thermal images, the device must have a high infrared sensor that captures them and you need to use it with an app specifically made for thermal cameras to make it work. 

There are two major types of thermal cameras – FLIR and Seek. When comparing the two most popular options – flir one vs seek compact, you’ll find that their properties are significantly different. Flir one is a versatile device, as it has a very high picture quality. On the other hand, the display resolution of this seek compact can be compared to a low-end cell phone video camera recorder but it features an impressive imaging sensor that allows for great results in almost any environment.

Solar-powered battery charger

If you are traveling anytime soon and you’re carrying your smartphone with you, it will be frustrating to run out of battery juice. To keep your phone alive at all times, opt for a solar-powered battery charger instead. Using this type of accessory to charge your phone can be very helpful because it will only use the power from the sun and not from your cell phones’ internal battery. This way, there is no need for you to worry about draining your device’s energy as long as there is sunlight available during the daytime or just go outside then put it under sunlight for a few minutes.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Due to the small size of most mobile devices, their keyboards are also very tiny. If you have bigger fingers, you can experience difficulties when typing on your phones. This is why a laser projection virtual keyboard will be a great addition for your cell phone as it allows bigger input options with its 5-inch display that can project any type of keyboard anywhere anytime. It also has an adjustable height for comfort, fast typing speed and it is compatible with most types of phones.


If you are looking for a phone accessory that helps your device be more useful during nighttime, then look no further than the USB LED light. This cool gadget can be attached to any type of smart device and it is powered by your computer via an available USB port. It has different lighting modes so you can adjust its use according to your preference. You can attach it to your mobile phone or laptop so you’ll have enough lighting options for everything at all times. This is extremely useful because it doesn’t require any additional power to work.

Bluetooth Smartwatch

If there’s one thing you should never do without when on the go, then that would be calling or texting someone in case of emergency even if you still have your hands full with things like groceries or luggage. That’s where a Bluetooth smartwatch will be useful because it can ensure that you have full contact with other people anytime. You just need to set the watch up with your phone and you’ll be able to receive all sorts of alerts without even touching your mobile device. It is a great option for those who want to stay connected even when they don’t have access to their phones or tablet computers.

There are other types of smartwatches that you can review at They can be used for fitness tracking, health indicators such as breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Also, other smartwatches are helpful for hiking, scheduling events, sending messages and answering calls, depending on which type you’d like to choose.

Bluetooth Smartwatch

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens

Another cool cell phone accessory that will make your device more versatile is the Olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens. You simply need to attach it to the front of your mobile phone’s camera and you can capture different types of photos. What makes this accessory stand out from most others, including tripod stands or lights is that Olloclip provides four distinct lenses – telephoto, macro 10x, wide-angle, and fisheye in just one unit. This way, it saves space for you when carrying accessories because they are not bulky at all.

Flexible Tripod

Last but not the least, a flexible tripod is one of the most useful gadgets that you could add to your mobile phone. This small device is very convenient because it doesn’t even need to be attached when in use and can easily fit in your pocket or purse anytime. It offers great stability for your phones especially if you want to take photos at night or record video clips without having to worry about blurry images. It also has an adjustable leg so you can place it on any type of surface and secure it properly using its locking mechanism.

In conclusion, getting phone accessories is a great way to enhance your device’s camera, input system, and overall performance. With just one or two of these products, you can save on space while ensuring that you have all the tools needed for enhanced functionality at all times.

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