A car in college is an exciting asset because you can move with ease and have some influence among your peers. The choice of the best car for college students depends on several factors, including the price. It must be known that having an affordable car does not amount to cheap or a vehicle with limited features.  

Owning a car in college will affect other factors including your budget, social life, and sense of responsibility. To enjoy more time with the vehicle without compromising on your academic work, consider professional writing a college paper assistance. It allows you to take trips over weekends and spin around the city without worrying about assignment deadlines. 

Here are the most affordable cars for college students in 2020. 

Ford Fiesta 

The areas of concern for students buying cars in college include fuel consumption and overall cost. Ford Fiesta combines these two aspects into one irresistible package for students. At an average price of $14,205, it is within range for any student. Fuel consumption is an impressive 27/37MPG. It is also a good vehicle if safety is your main concern. The price goes down significantly when it is a used car. It offers all the space you need to accommodate your friends during weekend trips. 

Chevrolet Sonic

This is a stylish and impressive student car that comes at an almost throwaway price when you consider its features. At $15,420, you have a bargain within the price range of any student. Fuel consumption stands at 26-34MPG and the car has an excellent safety record. You have the option of several trims, older models, and used cars, all these options helping you to get excellent value at a reduced price. 

Jeep Wrangler

If a 4×4 SUV is your ideal car, then you will love the Jeep Wrangler. It will take you to all the beaten paths in the countryside without any struggle. The price is worth everything that the Jeep Wrangler package offers. A new car will cost $27,945 with other trims and older models costing as low as $20,000. Fuel consumption is an impressive 23-25MPG and you enjoy a good safety record. 

Mazda 3

A blend of price, fuel consumption, and stylish design make it among the best cars for college students. It will only cost you $18,095 to get one of the most advanced vehicles in the range with a fuel efficiency of 28-37MPG. When buying a used car, the price goes down significantly. You will also enjoy a safety record that is in a different class. It is built for the entertaining life of a college student. 

Toyota Yarls 

At $15,635, it is one of the cheapest vehicles for college students. The price can go as low as $11,000 if you skip some of the advanced features, which will not downgrade your experience by far. What about 30-36MPG fuel consumption? The vehicle is also sleek enough to make you the subject of conversations in college. 

A car in college is a great achievement and comes with incredible convenience. Whether you are talking about price, safety, style, or other personal preferences, there is always something for you in the market.