Mobile phones have grown in popularity over the years, and it has taken a considerable role in the younger generation. It’s indeed a good change in terms of ease in contacting friends and family or getting help for educational purposes. 

Other than that, it’s a nightmare for parents because kids are now vulnerable to internet dangers. Experts have stated that monitoring children’s smartphones are a promising approach in providing a secure internet life. But the problem is that quality tracking apps are expensive. 

That takes us to the sole purpose of this article. First, we will review “TheWiSpy”, a quality yet affordable mobile tracker app to solve all your problems. It’s a number one choice for parents and employers for monitoring around the globe. 

What can TheWiSpy do?

When we look for a mobile tracker app, we first want to check its features to know what services it can provide. THEWISPY is a feature-rich spy app that offers more than 30 features that deliver quality results. We will go through some of the top functions to get an overview of this fantastic app.

Location tracking services:

Location tracking is the essential feature that every parent or employer would want in a tracking app. TheWiSpy offers two primary location tracking services:

  • Track GPS location:

GPS tracking lets the user track the GPS location of the mobile phone. The application accesses the map on the phone and follows all the places where it goes. You can check the history of the sites your child has been throughout the day.

  • Geofencing:

Mark the dangerous places on the phone’s map through TheWiSpy; these zones will be blocked so the target won’t go there. If your child enters any of these places, TWS will send instant alerts to you. 

Manage call logs:

TheWiSpy will let you monitor all incoming and made call logs. You can also monitor missed calls on the device. TWS allows you to get contact details such as the caller’s name, number, and frequency. In addition, you can record ongoing calls remotely using the best mobile phone tracking app.

Track messages:

You will have access to messaging application on the target’s phone. That means you can read chats, view conversation history, and delete messages. The contact information of the sender is also visible, and you can block the contact as well. 

Access multimedia files:

You can access multimedia files saved on the device. It includes all the audio, videos, pictures, and other files. As TheWiSpy offers remote monitoring, you can view all these files through the dashboard. In addition, the basic functions are enabled to delete or transfer things from the target’s phone to the online portal. 

Social media tracking:

TheWiSpy allows the user to track almost every social media apps with the help of advanced functionality. You can read messages, track calls, and view the online activity of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. In addition, it allows you to check emails and download multimedia files attached or sent on these applications.  

Surround recording:

The remote feature surround recording of the TheWiSpy is exceptional. It allows you to record the surrounding of the target’s phone. As a result, you will hear the real-time conversations recorded by the app on the online portal. The app accesses the microphone of the mobile phone and uploads the recorded audio.

Track browsing activity:

TWS can help you track the browsing history of the target. For example, you can view visited websites, downloaded files, and saved cookies. Using the remote control, users can block unethical sites so the target can’t approach them. 

Other features:

Apart from these fantastic features, TheWiSpy offers more. For example, key logger, calendar monitoring, camera spy, contact book monitoring, Wi-Fi, and more. TheWiSpy updates continuously to provide better features to their customers.  

Getting started with TheWiSpy: Installation guide

Now that you know how excellent the services TheWiSpy offers, we will move on to learn how we can use them. First, of course, like any other application, you would require getting a subscription and installing it on the mobile phone you want to track. 

Step 1

Get your TheWiSpy account:

  • Go to the TheWiSpy website and open the pricing page on the top.
  • On the page, you’ll see three price plans; choose one of them to get going.
  • Click on the “Try Now” button to register yourself.
  • Fill out the account details and Sign-Up.
  • Purchase a price plan, and you’ll be subscribed.

Step 2

Install TheWiSpy on the target phone:

  • Get hands-on with your target’s phone.
  • Open the URL in any browser. (Link is accessed through an email sent by the service provider)
  • Tap on the installation icon and start downloading.
  • Launch the application and accept all the permissions asked by the spy app.
  • Enable the stealth mode.

Step 3

Track through dashboard remotely:

  • Open the dashboard link through a browser on your phone.
  • Login to your account.
  • You will get access to all remote features.
  • Start tracking remotely.

You can monitor all the digital activities remotely by viewing them on your device and transfer data through the online portal. You’re all set to get complete control of your target’s mobile device.

TheWiSpy compatibly and pricing


As TheWiSpy is an android mobile phone tracking app, you have to ensure that your target has an android phone or tablet. If the device is running on the 4.0 OS version, TheWiSpy will be installed without distortion. You should remember that you must have a compatible device to run the advanced function of the mobile tracker app.


TheWiSpy has gained so much popularity because it offers exceptional spying services at affordable pricing. People don’t find a perfect app that fits spying needs usually right? Rarely! You can get TheWiSpy software in three price plans that include different features. 

First, a basic plan includes standard spying features such as call monitoring, message monitoring, GPS tracking, etc. You can get this subscription for one, three, and six months. The second is a premium plan including advanced features such as GPS tracking, surround recording, call recording, camera spy, etc. 

You can get it for one, three, and six months at different prices. The last is a platinum plan that is superior to all. It includes remote and updated features TheWiSpy such as social media spy, web browser history control, camera spy, etc. Again you can get it in different period options. 

TheWiSpyOne monthThree monthSix-month
Basic plan$19.99$29.99$49.99
Premium plan$29.99$49.99$79.99
Platinum plan$49.99$79.99$119.99

TheWiSpy pros and cons

The good and bad things of an application go side by side. Therefore, we will show you the pros and cons of TheWiSpy so you can understand everything before purchasing the spyware. 


  • TheWiSpy offer an extensive range of features.
  • TheWiSpy working is undetectable with advanced stealth mode.
  • High-quality results with affordable pricing.


  • You won’t get a free trial after subscription.
  • TheWiSpy spyware is only for android device.

Customer support:

TheWiSpy offers the best customer support services to provide the user ease to use the application. Their customer support agent will be active 24/7 to listen to the user’s issues related to the app’s functionality and offer solutions for it.  Within seconds you will have your answers.


After this detailed review, we conclude this article on the fact that TheWiSpy is an affordable mobile tracker app with the best spying services. We looked into the features, compatibility, pricing, and more to get a comprehensive idea. 

Now that you have all the information you need, you can decide if it’s the best software solution for you or not. In addition, you will get advanced features with accurate results at a price low as $19.99. So don’t wait around and get your TWS spyware today to get an unforgettable spying experience.

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