Branding photography is an incredibly effective as well as important tool that every professional uses in order to enhance many aspects of a brand, such as authority, presence, and credibility. An image enlarger, image enhancer, photo editor, and other similar applications are a must-have for pretty much everyone, regardless of the kind of business that you are in. In this guide, we will introduce you to multiple effective products from VanceAI that you can use to significantly improve your pictures for branding and other purposes and be able to maintain that same high standard moving forward. Apart from that, you can use this guide for all the useful points given about how pictures help in branding, how AI upscaling and processing technology boosts images, and more.

Part 1: Why is photography important for branding?

Branding photography is something that builds the foundation of your brand in the digital space, which is an extremely important process for all kinds of brands, companies, businesses, and more. The presence of a brand is nowadays first known online and then everywhere else. Having a brand image automatically boosts your online presence by a huge margin and accomplishes other feats simultaneously, such as making the viewers trust you and be willing to take you seriously. People are scrolling all the time, looking for content or visuals that actually manage to grab their attention. Branding photography can result in your brand being at the forefront of people’s minds.

Furthermore, branding photography is also needed to maintain the engagement of users. Getting noticed is just the first step, as you still need to continue to interest viewers in order to get the desired result. With branding photography, you can create a library of images that align with your brand’s vision and messaging, which in turn can be used on your platforms. Users will catch on and relate more to your brand. This creates a certain level of brand loyalty and makes you look human, instead of just a company. 

With just a little more effect and time invested, you can make your images look high quality and professional, which will always make a great impression on the viewers. 

Part 2: What can AI do to make photography HD?

There have been many image enlarger or online image enlarger applications that were used for upscaling images or improving the quality of images overall. However, while they offer really good results, they can also take up time to work on and get results. Not to mention that many of these applications would cost some money to install or subscribe to. With AI image processing technology advancing, there are many new apps that can offer highly effective image processing at a minimal cost. Additionally, they don’t require users to be familiar with the app itself. With a high-end AI app, users have to merely upload an image, choose their preferences, and run the app. The app will process the image automatically and present the output in a few seconds only. For example, below is an image of a woman enhanced by an AI photo enhancer.

a smiling girl

Part 3: How to make photography HD with AI?

Overall, an AI application like VanceAI can offer you an experience identical to a professional desktop software application without requiring anything from the user. Now let’s go through the simple steps about how to use a couple of VanceAI apps to get better brand pictures and any images for that matter. 

How to use VanceAI Image Upscaler?

1. You can click on this link to access the VanceAI Image Upscaler online application. Once on the page, you can go to the Upload Image option in order to proceed ahead. 

 VanceAI Image Upscaler

2. The VanceAI Enlarger Workspace is the place where you can upload images, choose different upscaling size and change between various VanceAI tools.

VanceAI Image Enlarger Workspace

3. Go to the Processed tab once you see the notification on it. After that, you can click on the Preview icon on the right of the image and view the comparison image. Use the Download Image option to save the image. 

a smiling girl enlargered by VanceAI

How to use VanceAI Image Enhancer?

The steps for almost all VanceAI tools remain the same, which makes the overall experience of using VanceAI really convenient and fun. VanceAI Image Enhancer is another powerful tool to help you improve image quality. With this tool, you can enhance image without having to upscale it in resolutions.

Regardless, here are the steps in brief:

  1. Click on the link to access the VanceAI Image Enhancer online and go to the Upload Image button to go ahead.
VanceAI Image Enhancer Screenshot
  1. Upload an image by using the upload button or dropping an image in VanceAI Enhancer Workspace where offers upload buttons, menu to switch between different VanceAI tools, remaining credits board, and more. Click on Start to Process to start processing the image.
VanceAI Enhancer Workspace

3. Go to Processed > Preview > Download Image to save the image into your local device.

Download enhanced picture from VanceAI

Part 4: About VanceAI

VanceAI is a comprehensive online application that houses a huge variety of image editing and enhancement tools suitable for many kinds of designing tasks. You can upscale image, convert a selfie or portrait to an anime or cartoon style image, colorize white and black images, and much more. Not to mention that all of these tools are powered with suitable AI and Machine Learning algorithms to make every tool effective and competitive. With tools like VanceAI Image Sharpener and VanceAI Image Denoiser, you can improve image quality significantly. Moreover, you can even combine the features of both tools by simply using VanceAI Super HD on the home screen. VanceAI, though an online app, offers an experience that you will only find in desktop software applications which are specially designed for image editing and similar work.

The paid plans for VanceAI are affordable too, as the subscriptions start from as low as $4.99 per month.


Branding is simply too powerful of a tool in your marketing campaigns. That is why it is a process that all businesses, brands, companies, etc pay foremost attention to. With an app like VanceAI, you can use tools like the AI image enlarger or an AI upscale image tool to get your images in all sizes and in good quality. Not to mention that you can upscale image online without needing to have any previous experience using image editing apps. Thanks to AI based image processing technology, you can get results in seconds and no longer have to deal with storage-heavy software applications. 

Furthermore, you can take your branding photography in any direction and count on VanceAI for support. This is because of the vast library of tools that VanceAI offers. Besides the enlarge image online tool, VanceAI will also enable you to creatively alter your images in many ways. VanceAI is also available offline as a desktop software and API.