Moving is quite a frustrating task to do but luckily it becomes easier with the help of today’s technology. The era of technology has made everything easier. With the help of certain mobile applications, you can make your move easier, organized, and more efficient. The best thing about these mobile apps is that they are easy to use and most of them are available for free. You don’t need to spend a single penny to use these and to make your move easier. Let us get to know these applications: 


The mobile application is available on both IOS and Android operating systems which are the most popular operating systems used by people all over the entire world. It is a note-making and file organizing application that helps you to write some important and to keep your moving process systematic. The application is also helpful in creating a good layout of your new home. 

Home move pro

It is an all-rounder app that includes numerous features like a checklist that helps you to keep your move organized, a reminder about a change of address; updating the new address at several places, and so on. It recommended moving app by the best local moving companies associated with Once you complete your packing and all your home belongings are into boxes then it allows you to create a photo log of all the boxes so that nothing gets misplaced during the moving process. This also helps in keeping your unpacking more organized and easier. 

Home cleaning list

As the name of the application says, the app is useful in home cleaning. When you move in into your new home; it is important to clean your home at first before you start unpacking the boxes even you should always clean up the current home from which you move out. This app ensures that you complete all your household duties and no corner of the home remains dirty. It has almost 150 household chores that you should do before you unpack your boxes and you can also cut some of these chores as per the needs and requirements. If you have this application downloaded to your mobile phone then there is a surety that you will not miss anything. 

Google Keep

The app has cloud-based organizational tools and sharing software that helps one in the entire moving jobs. It is a list-sharing app in which you can easily click on the tasks you have completed and the app gets updated on all the mobile phones of everyone so that everything gets to know that this particular job has been done. Of course, moving is not a job that a single person can perform therefore make sure you get help from your friends and family members and keep this app downloaded so there is no confusion while performing the duties. 

Moving checklist

This is a free app that can be used by both Android and iOS users. It contains the moving checklist based on the time frame. You can customize the things-to-do list according to your specific move and can also add notes to it. You can also email reminders to yourself so that nothing could be missed during the process. As you know that moving is a task when you have to focus on multiple things at the same time which makes you easily forget about an important one. For changing address you can also get the link from the app itself. 

Google maps

During the moving process, the very first thing you have to do is to find a suitable home at the destination place where you are thinking to move to. Google maps allow you to see neighborhoods and locations well and let you have a 3D view of a locality. In this application, almost 200 countries have been mapped therefore you can easily get to know about the place where you want to shift without even visiting the place. It saves your traveling cost because, in a house-hunting job, you need to have many to and fro trips. Now you can easily complete the job while sitting at your home. 


When you want to save your time and money during a moving process then the best way to do it is by reducing the home stuff you want to move. Make an inventory of all the items and separate all the items which are not of any use and you don’t want to spend your money on transporting these. The app allows you to sell all these things and you can easily earn money by selling the stuff you don’t really require. You can also purchase items from the app if required. 


Mobile phones had become a great tool that solves thousands of problems. Now, it also helps you to keep your move organized and systematic. Now you can choose the applications you like the most and can make your move smoother.  

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