Not many people know that artificial intelligence is very closely related to 5g.  After all, many smartphone creators are starting to use AI in order to be able to maintain high-speed communications.  We will talk about this today in more detail.

Various technological advances await the world this year, among which the rollout of 5G will stand out, a technology that will bring great benefits to the country and users.  Therefore, it’s time to turn to artificial intelligence solution providers at Unicsoft for the implementation of projects.  But that’s not all, the development of artificial intelligence in various industries of the country is another of the areas that will lead the way in terms of technological advances this year.

5G, a new network that will revolutionize the country’s technological development

We have heard a lot about the benefits of fifth-generation technologies that will provide competitive advantages for the digital progress of industries and greater connectivity and digital equality between people, but do we know how this will actually affect us?

In economic terms, this new technology is expected to contribute about $14.8 billion to GDP.  5G will bring many benefits, the investments required for this new technology will help revive the country’s economy, create new jobs and develop innovative enterprises.  But more importantly, it will decentralize the country and be a great step towards leveling the playing field for digital capital.

At the user level, 5G will enable a greater digital evolution by improving the Internet experience as networks will be much faster than 4G, increasing the number of connected devices by up to 100 times and improving the quality of Internet calls, video, image, audio and application downloads, among other things.  On the other hand, this new technology will allow the development of various solutions, among other things, with the help of artificial intelligence and IoT.

Artificial intelligence and its contribution in the World

2021 made it clear that there is a need to move forward in digitalization and process modernization.  In this scenario, the development of artificial intelligence (AI), which will be facilitated by the advent of 5G, will simplify many processes, which will bring great benefits to the country.  According to Accenture’s “How Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Growth in South America”   study, this technology could increase gross value added by

In this context, AI represents an important growth path for companies in various fields, as it allows for predicting and diagnosing behaviors and trends, enabling better decision-making within organizations.  In addition to the above, this technology will allow the development of improvements in the field of cybersecurity.

AI will play a key role in automating various company activities and tasks, this means automating functions that were previously exclusively human, repetitive, or when their action is faced with many complex decisions, for example, creating an effective circle between AI and security.  , opening up endless possibilities for informed, proactive or reactive cybersecurity decisions, especially as attack points increase with the massive expansion of the Internet of Things, cloud services, microservices, and autonomous systems.”

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Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence will bring great benefits to the country, allowing the creation of new jobs and increased specialization, with higher wages and more value-added to an economy that will have a strong demand for labor in the coming years.

On the other hand, 5G technology involves an investment of US$3 billion to revitalize the national economy, develop new markets, especially in industries such as mining and logistics, among others, and enable the creation of innovative enterprises.