Davis Williams

  • Bachelor’s in English Hons.
  • Master’s in Journalism from New York University.
  • Done Content Marketing Foundations Online Course
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Marketing, Internet, Technology, Social Media Strengths:
  • As technology is constantly changing so I willingly learn on-the-fly as needed!
  • I have a good foundational knowledge about how marketing works.
  • As Change is a constant in social media, I can adapt to a new situation and be flexible enough to respond to something new that is happening in the social media environment.
  • I am a pro in strategic thinking. A natural aptitude for strategic thinking helps to write content that is engaging enough.
  • Next, I have an analytical mind that will help me in understanding all sorts of data—and with this skill I can make informed decisions instead of relying on assumptions.
  • Also, I have joined the online community to connect with other curious, creative leaders in marketing, design and social.
  • Above all, I have built an understanding of all traditional and digital marketing approaches ranging from email, events, lead generation to PR and more.
Experience:  Being a Content Marketing Manager, I have 4+ years of experience in writing Digital Marketing, Social Media and Technology based content. Words from Davis Williams: From attention-grabbing ad copy to witty social banter, I know how to write concise copy that elicits emotion from my audience. Also, I know how to tailor my writing for different audiences and platforms.
Davis Williams's Post
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