Smartphone companies release their flagship devices every year. These new phones come with the best hardware specifications as well as top-notch software capabilities. Quad cameras are trending along with high-end processors and powerful displays in 2021. If you are looking forward to buying a phone that has a super-AMOLED display, fast 5G connectivity, and futuristic displays, you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, you will learn about some of the best Android smartphones available in the market. Based on your preferences, you can select any one of them. Thanks to the advancement, in eCommerce, you can simply use your Charter Spectrum internet package to browse an online store and order a smartphone. Let’s check out some of the best phones in the market right now.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This flagship phone from Samsung is definitely one of the best smartphones out there. It comes with an ample 6.8-inch AMOLED display that supports an outstanding refresh rate of 120 Hz. Along with this, the phone also comes with the S-pen stylus. Not only that, the cameras on this phone come with unbelievable zoom capabilities and photography features. The phone also has 5G support. This means that you will be able to stream HD movies on the phone without facing any lag issues. Even for gaming, this is one of the best phones that you can buy in 2021. 

Google Pixel 5A 5G

The tech giant, Google, has not been able to shy away from the world of smartphones. The Google Pixel in this regard has been an amazing addition to the company. The Pixel phones have almost always come with features and functions that are unique and enhance the user experience of customers. The 5G capabilities on this economical phone will allow you to use it for most of your work-related activities. Apart from this, the rear cameras will give you crystal clear pictures as well. It costs less than $500 and is definitely one of the most cost-effective 5G phones currently.

Google Pixel 4A

This phone from Google is known for its top-quality camera performance. You can take vivid pictures using this phone. Furthermore, if you are on a low budget, the Google Pixel 4A will not disappoint you. It is available for less than $400 and has many good features to offer. It has a 5.81-inch display. The handset will enable you to watch movies of high-definition quality. It also supports most of the high-end games in the Play Store. Apart from the larger-than-life LCD, the phone also has 128 GB of storage. Its battery life is also better than many of the smartphones available in 2021.

Oneplus 9 and 9 Pro

Oneplus, as an entrant, fascinated many in the world of smartphones. Today, it is recognized as one of the leading phone manufacturing companies. 5G is all the rage in the world of smartphones at the moment. The good news is that the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro come with support for 5G. The phones also have powerful Qualcomm processors. This means that gaming is going to be very smooth for gamers. 

Samsung S20 FE

The Samsung Galaxy series has been very successful and why shouldn’t it be? With phones that pack cameras in excess of 60 megapixels, you can take amazing pictures. The Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with many amazing features that include powerful real cameras, 5G connectivity, and HD display.  However, the phone is not durable. Therefore, it is recommended for people on a low budget. Nevertheless, you can use a good phone protector and cover to keep it safe.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Folding phones went out of fashion a long time ago. With the dawn of smartphones, however, smartphone manufacturing companies are gradually catching up and releasing foldable phones. Samsung has not been slow in realizing this. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is one of the best folding phones that you are likely to find in the market at the moment. The camera setup is exceptional and you can easily use the dual screens for better multitasking. The cameras of the phone will also help you take quality pictures. 

 With many people working from home amidst the ongoing pandemic, a powerful phone will allow you to work with ease. You can use collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, MS Outlook, and MS Word on your phone to stay connected with your team members. Not only that, you can even enhance your productivity levels. While buying a phone, remember the features that will be most useful for you. Then, make a choice that will benefit you in the long run.

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