Did you know that growing up with a pet can help your child develop social skills and self-esteem as well? Having a pet can teach children how to become more responsible. 

There are many other great benefits to children having pets. You might be wondering what some of the best first pets for kids are. 

This guide will offer some suggestions if you’re looking for your child’s first pet. Keep reading to learn more. 

A Fish 

Do fish make good pets? Fish are a great choice for your child’s first pet. A few fish you can keep in an aquarium are a great way to teach your child how to care for a pet. 

Get some advice from the pet store on how to care for the fish your child chooses. Make sure your child helps you feed the fish and change their water too. Click here to get your aquarium for your child’s new pet. 

Get Your Child a Cat

Although a cat might be a little more work than a fish, they also make great first pets. Cats offer lots of affection if they’re cared for properly. 

They’re pretty self-sustainable creatures too. As long as you set out some food, water, and their litter box in a section of your home, they’ll be happy. 

If you’re wondering how to introduce a pet to your child, take them with you to the pet store or adoption center. Give them some time to play together to ensure you’re choosing the right pet for your family. 

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A bird also makes a great first pet. Birds are intelligent and social creatures, perfect for a growing child. 

They do need daily care, however. A parakeet might be a good choice for your child’s first bird. They’re small and gentle birds.

Have your child help you change their birdseed and water every day. They can also help you with more of the dirty work as well. The bird will need to have its cage cleaned often too. 


Young children might also be excited to have a rabbit as their first pet. Rabbits are cute and curious little animals. This makes them the perfect furry friend for your little boy or girl. 

Rabbits need to be cleaned and groomed often. They’re also very social animals, so they require exercise and playtime. This can encourage your child to spend more time outdoors. 

A Hamster 

If you’re wondering how to choose a pet for your child, you should consider a smaller mammal. 

Small rodents like hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs are easy to care for and don’t require much space. Hamsters are solitary animals, but they’re friendly creatures if handled gently. 

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These are some of the best first pets for kids. Consider a fish for a simple first pet or a rabbit if your child wants a more playful furry friend.

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