These models are lightweight, easy to carry, travel-friendly, and more affordable. Some of them even fit in a backpack. However, before we dive deeper into the subject, let me show you an overview of the best mini electric skateboard:

Electric skateboards are becoming more popular. The e-board market is growing very fast, lots of new models are popping up. The main design that e-skate companies focus on is basically longboard (long and wide skateboard) because it allows a stable, comfortable, and fast ride through the city. However, there are some drawbacks to large electric skateboards (longboards) as well. They are heavy and heavy! Not very comfortable to carry or even travel with.

Why use a mini electric skateboard?

 The portability of electric skateboards can be essential if you travel a lot. It is not very convenient to take your big and heavy electric skateboard on the bus or tramway. If you travel by bus, train or tram (for Europeans) you have to pick up your board in the car, and maybe – if there are a lot of people – even hold the whole drive.

Lightweight: If you’re not a Hulk, you’ll get tired of climbing stairs with an electric skateboard. Boards with hub motors are easy to push forward, but boards with belt motors are not. If it is, you will have to carry it to find yourself with an empty battery. Keep that in mind!

Air travel: Traveling the world with an electric mobility device sounds interesting. Unfortunately, the majority of electric skateboards or planes cannot be transported. For example, if you see a lot of flying, you should carefully consider which e-board to buy. Small and mini electric skateboards are predestined to be your perfect air travel companion, as far as e-boards are concerned.

 Choosing a mini electric skateboard

Battery: On smaller boards, you won’t have enough space for a larger battery, so it’s a given that your range probably won’t be the best. For example, considering the capacity of our batteries, we will not be able to deliver large amounts of power with a single charge.

Motor type: There are different types of electric skateboards available in the market now. Some with one motor, some with a dual motor, and others even with four motors (4WD). I think it’s clear that the more motors you get on your e-skateboard the heavier it will be. However, another question is also important: belt or hub motor?

Hub motor lighter, quieter and more secret! Belt motors come with some advantages: You can use ordinary wheels with belt-driven motors. This means that a full-thickness urethane wheel has more cushions than an in-wheel motor (hub motor). Hub motors deliver more torque and therefore better acceleration and climbing ability than belt motors

Another popular feature of the Wave (and many Xway boards) is the interchangeable drivetrain. Many of the boards featured in the article have either hub motors or belt motors, which have advantages and disadvantages. However, Wave can actually replace its hub motors for belt motors in just a few minutes. It’s a separate add-on to purchase, but customers who see the need for both motor setups can put it on their shortboard. Wave tops at 23mph, which is fast enough for a small board.

Now, let’s talk about the total underdog: The Anchi’s Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboard. Ancheer mainly makes electric bikes but also makes other sports gear and equipment. Apparently, they took a shot at the electric skateboard, and the boy, did they deliver anything!

 Honestly, the performance of this board is not the greatest and neither is its range, but does it really have to be very fast and have huge torque in the city? I doubt it. If you are thinking of buying a small electric skateboard for an urban ride, do not need too much energy, and want to save some money at the same time, then perhaps the Ancheer Mini is the right choice for you.