Bithoor, Kanpur is one of the most important places for devotees of Rama and Sita Devi. It is where Sita Maa lived as a Sadhvi with her sons Lav and Kush in Valmiki Ashram, where she gave birth to them, and it was also there that she gave Agnipariksha.

The place where Sita Maa lived as a Sadhvi with her sons Lav and Kush in Valmiki Ashram has now been developed into a beautiful temple complex known as Valmiki Ashram Temple. The temple houses several temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses, including Hanuman, Lakshmana, Shiva Parvati, and Sati Devi.

The town also has a rich history with its connection to the rebellion against the British Empire. The rebellion centered around Bithoor and Kanpur, where many important events occurred. The world-famous Jhansi Ki Rani, Laxmi Bai, also declared Bithoor her primary home for some time.

If you’re looking for something that will give you an authentic experience of Indian culture without being too touristy or commercialized, then Bithoor might be just what you’re looking for! If you’re planning a trip to Bithoor, booking a Lucknow Cab service would be better.

Planning a Trip?

Here are a few things you should know about the shining and religious city of Bithoor:

1. The town is home to some pretty incredible architecture. You can see beautiful temples and palaces here that date back hundreds of years, and they’re still in use today.

3. The food is delicious! There are tons of restaurants with incredible food options that are sure to please everyone in your group.

4. The weather is great year-round—but it gets hot during the summer months (May through September). If you’re traveling during those months, make sure you pack some sunscreen!

5. Bithoor has plenty of nature too! If you want to get out into nature while visiting this historic city, there are many parks and gardens where you can get away from all of the hustle and bustle for a bit. 

Things to do in Bithoor

  1. Visit the Bithoor Fort

The Bithoor Fort was built in the 17th century, which makes it an amazing place to learn about Indian history and culture. There are also beautiful gardens where you can enjoy the scenery and take in some sun.

  1. Dhruv Teela

Dhruv Teela is a sacred place in Bithoor, Kanpur. It is believed that Dhruv Teela is where Lord Brahma appeared before Dhruv and granted him the divine power to shine bright as a star till eternity.  Hindus believe Dhruv stood on one foot, penanced for many years to please Lord Brahma (who appeared before him) and obtain boons.

  1. Stroll along the riverbank and enjoy the views of Mumbai

Walking along India’s holiest river bank gives you spectacular views of Bithoor’s skyline. The air here is fresh, so take some time off from your busy schedule and enjoy being outdoors!

  1. Go to the Bithoor Museum and admire some of India’s finest artworks

The Bithoor Museum is a tribute to one of India’s most famous painters. The museum houses their works, which are considered among the best in the country. They are displayed in chronological order so you can see how his style evolved over time.

  1. Take a ride on one of the country boats that travel along the Ganga River

The Ganga River is one of India’s most sacred rivers, and these boats offer you a chance to experience it up close—from inside. You’ll get an amazing view of this holy river as well as all the people who come here to worship it.

  1. Try some delicious street food

Bithoor has some seriously tasty street food that won’t break your budget. You can get everything from samosas to chaat (Indian snack foods) here—and it’s all delicious.So why wait? Book a Lucknow to Kanpur taxi and get going.