Building an Awesome Team in Real Estate

Most real estate brokers look forward to having an awesome team. But the majority do not understand that they need to do more in recruiting than meets the eye. Establishing a great real estate team needs a strong leader who has sense of purpose. 

As a leader putting people together who understand your mission and vision may take time and you may face a lot of difficulties. Along the road to making a great team, the leader may make blunders. Appointing the wrong real agents can cost the leader a good fortune and even the reputation of the brand. 

No leader wishes to hire individuals who do nothing but sit at the desks like robots the whole working hours. Thus as a leader, you need to get people who you can be proud to have as part of your corporation. Many leaders wonder where to start to establish a great real estate team. 

As a leader, you don’t need to worry anymore since this article will give you the best recruiting. These tactics will enable you to develop a results-oriented team. 

1. Put All the Systems in Order

Before hiring your employees ensure that all processes and real estate systems work well. When you recruit the employees you will be in a position of providing a good framework to start from. 

You will even be able to plug the employees in and they begin producing immediately. Some of the systems that you need to get in order include:

The business goals and the vision – This entails establishing realistic financial goals and the ways as a team you will achieve them. The vision consists of the values that fuel the company towards success. As a leader, you should put a plan in place to achieve the objectives. 

Plan for clients’ database management and growth – This entails ways of expanding and sustaining the clientele. The plan should include the follow-up procedures and the contact management software you intend to use.

Branding – This entails colors, logos, fonts, and slogans of the company. The business cards, signs, website, and listing packages should be well designed. 

Splitting commissions with the agents – This entails the remuneration of the agents in the team. As a leader, you should consider providing your agents with the leads, and splitting if they bring in their leads.

Some of the leads include:

Going to the real estate events – Stakeholders in the industry hold various trade fairs and expos across the country every month. As a leader, you should attend such events regularly since they may be good sources of good leads.

Advertising online – This entails advertising on platforms such as Google. Or even adding properties on marketplaces such as Facebook. Facebook has a marketplace meant for putting up property listings.

2. Creating an Ideal Team Structure

The foundation of a team determines the performance of a company. A strong foundation leads to having an orderly house. To lay a strong foundation, you should first figure out an ideal organizational structure. Some of the must-have components that you must in your team include.

3. An Administrative Assistant

You can hire an administrative assistant in the early stages long before you hire the buying agents. This ensures that every part of the system runs. This ensures that you set everything for the debut of the incoming new agents. 

The assistant plays a crucial role in completing contracts from drafting to the closing of a sale. The administrative assistant will save you and the homeowner’s agent time spent doing the paperwork.

4. The Transaction Coordinator

The transaction coordinators handle the paperwork for the transactions. Thus, regardless of the experience you have, you cannot run away from having a transaction coordinator on your team. Having a transaction coordinator on the team will enable you to focus on expanding the business and lead generation. 

A professional transaction coordinator will provide high-quality services to your clients. This will enable your business to look professional. Engaging the transaction coordinator in all transactions can enable you to save money. Thus, enabling the business to pull through when operating under a tight budget. 

5. Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator implements marketing programs to help the brand grow. Thus, you cannot consider a real estate team complete without having a marketing coordinator. With the help of public relations, agents in the team, and the operations docket, marketers put in place and manage ad campaigns. 

This enhances the advertising of the listings from the start to finish. A marketing coordinator will conceptualize the campaigns, and develop and execute all commercials. He/she will also analyze the performance outcomes of the ads. 

A good marketing coordinator should have great digital marketing skills on all social media platforms. These platforms include; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The marketer will maintain a constant online presence of the business. 

6. Inside Sales Agent

An inside sales agent will assist in converting the leads into appointments. The inside sale agent will use communication methods to acquire leads and generate new prospects. The ability of real estate inside sales agents to adjust and counter fluctuation in the industry. A professional inside sales agent converts leads into successful appointments throughout.

7. Showing Assistant

The showing assistant acts as a transaction manager in the market. If you become occupied the showing assistant will take over and take your clients to view the homes.

8. Employing a Personality Assessment Tool

Hiring does not only involve getting brilliant people but also people who can match the vacant positions. You should use DISC testing to ensure that you hire people that have abilities that will thrive in sales. 

You should not hesitate to fire a person who does not fit, does not get along with his/her colleagues, or even has a draining attitude. The bad morale of a single employee can ruin the morale of the whole team. Hence, the sooner a bad person leaves the better for the entire team. You can use the personality assessment tool to get people with the personalities needed. 

9. Defining Your Offering as the Employer

Every employer offers competitive packages to attract top-notch workers to their corporations. Studies have shown that with monetary incentives 40% of your workers will work hard. Before accepting job offers all potential candidates first consider the perks and job’s advantages. If you offer competitive remuneration you will attract top talents in the market. 

If you cannot pay competitive salaries, you should look for other ways of paying your employees. For instance, you can provide free vacation and advancement prospects.


Coming up with a great real estate team needs careful strategic preparations. The strategic preparations should enable you to capture the clients and excel in your business. The insights in this article will enable you to attract and maintain top-notch talents in the market. 

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