Ready-made housing in Dubai is a well-known revenue source, particularly for foreign investors. But can the same be said about new buildings? The source will talk about the features of investments in housing under construction and ways to monetize such apartments in Dubai.

Features of Arab new Buildings

Investing in projects at the construction stage is a qualified financial decision. In the current economic situation in Dubai and the UAE, when real estate is rapidly becoming more expensive, buyers can significantly increase their capital turnover by reselling the property.

Novice investors who have never bought apartments in the buildings under construction are afraid to give money for non-existent real estate. However, there is no reason to panic. Let’s explain why:

  • Control of the construction industry by the authorities;
  • Projects under construction are strictly controlled and regulated;
  • Investors’ money is insured against unexpected circumstances.

Off-plan or Ready-made Real Estate?

If you compare the material benefits of buying an off-plan apartment and ready-made housing – the second is significantly inferior to the first. What is the reason?

  • Low cost. Depending on the construction stage, an apartment in a new building can cost from AED 100 to 350 thousand ($41 – 95.29 thousand). The price of ready-made housing is several times higher; 
  • Extensive range. When building new housing, you can buy any residential units: from studios to penthouses; 
  • Demand. The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular resorts and tourist destinations, as well as an important financial source of the world. Tourism is well developed here, so housing in the UAE is in great demand; 
  • Guaranteed profitability – up to 15% per annum, depending on the area.

Advantages of Investing in new Buildings in Dubai

A major aspect of profitable investments is a qualified approach to search for a home. Here are the advantages of buying apartments in projects under construction: 

  • Transaction security;
  • Direct communication with the developer;
  • Control and protection of the transaction by the state; 
  • Quick checkout – up to two weeks; 
  • An individual payment plan; 
  • Possibility of mortgage or installment; 
  • Minimal risks; 
  • Payback;
  • No taxes on income from commercial use; 
  • Online transactions for foreign citizens.

Ways to Make Money on new Buildings

There are two ways to make money on real estate: rent it out or sell it after commissioning. However, these options are available only after the major construction work. 

There are other options:

  • Investments in the early stages – the benefit can reach 35-50%; 
  • Long-term investments involve the resale of housing in 2-3 years after the completion of work; 
  • Co-investments.

Purchasing a Property in the UAE

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