When it comes to selling a business, is hiring a business broker worth it?

Business brokerage is a unique industry that links business sellers and buyers. Their goal is to bring both parties to agree and close the deal. Business brokers help with the details of the negotiation and ensure its completion.

Businesses that use brokers sell faster, negotiate better, and get the best value for their companies. Unlike selling a car or a house, putting a business on sale entails complicated commercial transactions with many details and pitfalls. Business owners face two challenges: actively market their company while running it efficiently and keeping it in tiptop shape. 

There are many reasons why you need to hire a licensed business broker to sell your business. Let’s check them out below.

Get the best price

After investing time and money into your business, you deserve the best valuation for it. To ensure that you get the best price, you need knowledge about the proper assessment and evaluation of the business. However, business valuation is a complicated process that requires experience and knowledge of market conditions. A business broker has the right tools to give them an accurate opinion on the market value of your company. Without professional valuation, you might end up selling your business for less than fair market value.

Negotiation expertise

Selling a business involves haggling back-and-forth that can take your time. By working with a business broker, you have an intermediary that works to help get the price you want. The professional broker takes the stress and personal element away from you.

Saves time

As a business owner, you know that time is of the essence. Business selling requires complete focus and attention to every aspect, which can take your time. A good business broker saves you time allowing you to run the business while enjoying your social life. Apart from managing your business, you may also have other equally important matters to attend to. So, entrusting the business selling to a professional is worth it.


An Orlando Business Broker emphasized that unlike selling cars or real estate property, selling a business requires utmost confidentiality. You want to keep things private to avoid potential disruptions in operations. For example, if suppliers or customers become aware of a possible change of management, they may worry and decide to revise contracts with the company. A business broker ensures that the business is listed anonymously. All potential buyers are carefully vetted and made to sign an NDA. It ensures utmost confidentiality.


An effective presentation is crucial in boosting marketability and maximizing the sale price, and business brokers know how to do it. These professionals understand the buyers’ needs; hence they can present your business in a way that appeals to them. In addition, brokers know where to list your business with the best success rates.

Extensive database of buyers

Business brokers also work with buyers. They have an extensive database of buyers who are interested in purchasing a business. They can match your business to buyers who are actively looking for a potential company. Investors take time when searching for a business and wait for the right opportunity. Who knows your business might be the one they have been looking for. By hiring business brokers, you can maximize their connections and market your business directly to investors.

Buyer screening

While there may be numerous interested buyers, not all of them are worth your time. Some potential buyers have an insufficient budget or are just snooping. Vetting all buyers can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Business brokers screen prospects to know if they are serious buyers. They can help trim down the list so you would not waste your time. You also protect confidential information as all prospects sign an NDA.

Improve success rate

Business sales is often a tedious process. Getting it to the finish line can be a challenge. Many hurdles can derail the negotiation and result in the loss of a potential buyer. However, with the negotiating skills of brokers, you can work out these complications, thereby vastly improving the business sale success rate. The brokers can help all parties navigate through these aspects. Likewise, they can prevent potential problems ensuring a smooth sales process.

But while hiring a business broker comes with many advantages, you should also consider a few things such as high fees and difficulty choosing a good broker. Not all business brokers offer the same service. You want to work with someone trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable. Getting the right one to help sell your business is paramount.