Shark wheels have been all the rage lately. People have been asking if they can use them on a skateboard. The answer is yes, but there are some things you should know before you go out and buy shark wheels for your skateboard. This blog post will discuss the pros and cons of using shark wheels on a skateboard and tell you what to look for when purchasing them.

Is It True That They Re-Invented The Wheel?

Elite longboarders and world-class downhill skiers have noticed improvements in their performance when they start using Shark Wheels. The unique shape of these wheels has shown clear benefits that are unexpected and make sense as well! These shiny new rims provide more surface area for grip than typical round ones do by having an irregular cube form with scalloped edges where you would typically expect a sphere or circle to be found on most other types of skateboards – this offers increased traction due there being less wasted space underfoot which can result from more expansive surfaces near one edge compared against others.

California Roll Skateboard Wheels Shark Wheel:

The Shark Wheel California Roll Wheels are another top option for getting started with skateboarding. These 60mm, 78a wheels will be a good choice if you have a mini-longboard but may not work as well on complete longboards because the latter requires more durability and traction from its deck widths which these new Skateboard wheels don’t provide quite enough of either one alone without sacrificing smoothness when riding them down hills or slopes.

The great thing about this particular type, though? They’re quieter than most other boards out there, so your ride won’t suffer too much!

Long Board Electric  At Its Best:

The best wheel in the world, Shark Wheels, is perfect for wet roads. With a non-circular geometry that can move around small pebbles and debris without steamrolling over them, leaving you with an accident plagued ride on rougher terrain or even just pure pavement where most competitors would have to choose between one or other mode of travel. Electric longboard is best in every industry. No other board has a non-circular wheel that can outperform all competitors’ wheels on nearly every category, with one exception: rough terrain! The sine wave geometry tends to move around small objects like pebbles & debris, kicking them left and right out of your way. In contrast, circularlywheels steamroll over these obstacles leading up to an accident or even worse performance decline depending if you’re riding at high speeds.


A shark wheel is a type of skateboard wheel with no traction and rolls on its side. It was invented in 1986 by Alva Skateboards to help them compete with the grip tape, dominating the industry for years. The company’s goal was to create an alternative method of transportation along California’s beaches and boardwalks without having any resistance from sand or gravel. Although they were not successful at their original intention, these wheels have become popular among longboard electric riders because they allow them to ride faster than traditional setups while maintaining stability due to little contact with the ground when turning corners Readers.