Have you ever found yourself lost while trying to choose flowers for a special occasion? If yes, then this information is for you.

Although there are many ways of picking appropriate flowers for an occasion, one of the easiest ways is by their colors. The significance and meaning of a flower largely depend on its color. So, if you choose a variety of flower types depending on their colors, you can rest assured that your selections will be suitable for the occasion.

White flowers:

White flowers are the symbol of purity, spirituality, respect, and innocence. It’s suitable for mellow occasions like funerals or memorial services where we offer our sympathy and condolences to the near ones of a deceased person. However, white flowers are also suitable for cheerful occasions such as Mother’s day, a first date, a casual lunch, or just because a person likes white blooms. If you plan to buy flowers online, you can choose from dozens of options in white flowers. These bouquets come in either all-white or other colors mixed with white.

Pure white flower bouquets or white combined with pastel shades of yellow, pink, or blue are suitable for funerals and other sad occasions, while a bouquet of bright red and white blooms can look perfect on a romantic date.

Yellow flowers:

The color Yellow in flowers is the symbol of youth, happiness, and life. Yellow flowers also symbolize adoration, admiration, friendship, and closeness between two persons. Together, yellow flowers make a great gift for joyous occasions celebrating life. You can gift yellow blooms to your friends and family, especially younger ones, for their birthdays. They will also suit occasions celebrating a success; like a graduation party, a new job, or the beginning of a new relationship.

Pink flowers:

Pink flowers are very aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the type of flowers, the shades of pink vary significantly, from bright blushing pink of Roses to soft and subtle pink of lilies, there are so many options to choose from. The pink color in flowers symbolizes femininity, fertility, the beginning of a romantic relationship, or a budding romantic interest in someone. Naturally, it makes great gifts for first dates. You can also gift pink flowers to someone; You have a crush on to let them know that you like them. Pink roses, lilies, or carnations will also prove to be great first anniversary presents that signify the delicate and new relationship between you two. Moreover, pink flowers are also suitable for baby showers or the birth of a baby because they symbolize fertility and occasions; like Women’s Day or Mother’s Day because it symbolizes femininity. You can now conveniently buy flowers online and this website gets awesome pink flowers delivered to you. Nowadays, reputed local florists are collaborating with online flower shops to make flower delivery easy, fast, and very affordable for you. 

Blue flowers:

Blue is the color of royals. For ages, blue flowers have been preserved for the royals and aristocrats and have been used to symbolize the greatness of these royals. As time evolved, blue retained its regality while also being associated with respect, honor, pride, and loyalty. Using blue flowers to show your admiration and respect, and send the message that you look up to the concerned person has been a common norm in the present times. The most popular and common blue flowers are hydrangea, iris, aster, delphinium, cornflower, and larkspur. You can gift blue flowers on occasions like a memorial service, or an event organized in honor of a senior person, a war veteran, or a venerated person.

Red flowers:

Red flowers are most commonly associated with love, and most of its other symbolisms too are related to it. The Red flowers symbolize romance, passion, and intense feelings towards someone. It is also the color of courage and loyalty. Red roses are considered to be the ultimate favorite of lovers. The sales of Red Roses skyrocket during Valentine’s Day. Although, roses are not the only red flower that speaks of romance and passionate love. Red tulips, carnations, daisies, exotic flowers like red ginger, and lilies are also equally effective in conveying your message of love. These flowers are suitable for weddings and anniversaries as gifts. A romantic dinner date, especially if you’re about to pop the question to your lady love, is another perfect occasion for red flowers. Need same day delivery of romantic red flowers? Try Snap Blooms now and get all your floral requirements delivered to your doorstep.