Glass, metal, corn cob, and some types of wood are among the materials utilized in smoking pipes. On the other hand, any habitual smoker will certainly tell you that clear glass pipes are the only ones worth having.

These stunning glass pipes are available in a variety of fun shapes and forms. Each type is best suited for use with specific product types and amounts. 

Glass Pipes Are Available in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

In general, there are 4 primary varieties of glass pipes: 

  1. Chillum Glass Pipe( also sometimes known as hand pipes), 
  2. Spoon Glass Pipes 
  3. Bubblers Glass Pipe
  4. Steamrollers

Each variety has its specific set of benefits and adds something a bit extra special to the smoke.


Chillums have a simple and basic design. Smoking with a chillum is a trending but still rudimentary way of smoking, similar to how certain early indigenous tribes smoked hollow wood pipes. 

To use a chillum, fill it from one side with dried herb, ignite it, and inhale through the other. The sensation differs from that of using other types of glass pipes, and the shape of the chillum also influences the temperature and amount of the high. They can hold a limited amount of dried herb owing to their modest size and simple design.

They don’t have carburetors, which preserve the smoke’s flavor from becoming stale.

Spoons Pipes 

A spoon pipe is usually thought of as an upgrade from a chillum. Apart from the “bowl” at one end, where you store the product you’re using, it’s similar in design and structure. 

Spoon pipes, unlike chillums, have a gap, which is essentially a tiny hole in the glass pipe. Smoking a spoon-clear glass pipe is a little more complicated. It entails pressing the hole with your hand to suck air into the bowl, and removing your fingers to inhale. This way, the smoke stays fresh.


Bubblers are rightly named glass pipe style, which is fun to use. This pipe is a cross between a glass pipe and a bong. Such pipes are popularly known as clear glass water pipes since they are little like a glass pipe but utilize water similar to a bong. 

The water filters the smoke, dispersing it and forming small bubbles. This makes the flavor a little smoother and free of the substance’s harsher ingredients and tones. Bubblers are pipes that could be used with either cold (even frigid) or hot water, and the temperature of the water affects the taste and overall smoking experience.


The steamroller is the most complex and time-consuming to operate. Steamrollers are made out of a clear glass tube and a little bowl attached to one side. Each side of the steamroller has a hollow opening, with the one closest to the bowl serving as the “carburetor”. 

Some models include an additional chamber that “rolls” the smoke to chill it even more. In either case, the steamroller delivers a forceful, quick impact that will “steamroll” the consumer if they are caught off guard. As a result, steamrollers are clear glass pipes that are not suggested for inexperienced or beginners, as these require a little bit of practice to use. 

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