Computing devices are everywhere these days. Parents love to provide laptops and desktop PCs to their kids for many reasons, like education and internet browsing. Computer devices are beneficial for youngsters but have come up with vulnerabilities. Parent nowadays are doing their best to limit the screen time of their children on digital devices. The invention of the internet has made computing devices vulnerable to teens. So, parents want to get their hands on computer monitoring app to set parental control on kid’s laptops and desktop devices. Let’s get to know why parents want to monitor kid’s computer activities. 

Why do parents need a computer monitoring app?

There are plenty of odd reasons that parents want to use a computer tracking app. The rise and the rise of digital devices have made kids vulnerable to online predators, risky internet activities, addiction to adult content, and many more. Let’s take a look at the following reasons that force parents to set parental control on laptop and desktop devices. 

Social media sites addiction

Social media sites are widely popular, and kids are second to none. They browse social networking websites on computer devices. Teens used to spend hours and hours on Facebook, and more than 57% of teens remain online on these social media platforms. The late-night fantasies on social media can bring plenty of dangers, like sex –offenders and child traffickers.

Obsession with the adult content

Laptop and desktop devices are more likely to become X-rated theaters when kids get them. They used to visit adult websites on it and finally become addicted to it.  33% of female teens and more than 80% of make teens are addicted to carnal content. So, parents have to use computer monitoring software to prevent kids from adult content.

Excessive screen –time due to Netflix

Over the last few years, online theaters like Netflix are ruining kids’ health. They are unable to concentrate and spend excessive screen time on computers. They spend days and nights watching seasons, movies, TV series, and many more. As a result, young teens are becoming movie characters and start behaving like gangsters, men with supernatural powers, and many more. Netflix has become a fashion in homes, and kids are ruining their precious time, health, education, and foresight to be something real.

Interaction with online predators 

Online predators are everywhere on the web, and they always approach young teens. They interact with teens on social media platforms and digital playgrounds. They try to target teens in terms of cyberbullies, stalkers, and sexual predators. Teens are more likely to share their privacy on social media, and it makes predators approach teens. So, parents want to get their hands on the computer tracking software to set parental control on laptop and desktop devices.

What is a computer monitoring app for parents?

It is an application that works on PCs computers laptops and desktop devices. You can install it on laptop devices running with different operating systems, like Windows and Mac devices. You need physical access to the target device to initiate the installation process, and after that, you can get access to its dashboard. You can visit its robust features given below to set parental control on computer devices to the fullest.

Use computer parental control software to safeguard kids 

Block websites

Parents can use computer surveillance software features remotely on the target device and block inappropriate websites. You can copy the URLs of the websites and send them to the filters. It prevents kids from risky social and adult sites.

Screen recording

Screen recording app software can deliver you what you cannot imagine. You can record the live screen of a computer device and make short videos. Further, you can send the recorded videos to the online dashboard. Parents can watch the recording of the videos and stay updated about kids’ online activities on PCs.

Keystrokes logger

This particular feature keystroke can capture keystrokes used on the computer device. It means you can read conversations, messages, and passwords applied on social media and many more.

Camera bug

Parents can remotely bug the camera of the PC. It delivers you an update that your child is using a computer device late at night.


A computer monitoring app is the best tool for parents to set parental control on teens’ digital devices.