It is obvious to everyone that PDF is a good option to have when you want your document to be saved securely. If this is your first time converting a PDF to PNG, however, you might then be wondering what the advantage is with this kind of option. The truth is, this file conversion saves you quite a bit on TIME. And time is something that everyone would like more of.

1. Will Help You Save Time

Yes, you read that right. This cloud service from can help shave minutes (maybe even hours) off your file conversion effort so that you can devote more of your time to pet projects. Learning how to run a PDF to PNG converter online is easier than you think.

Time is money in any profession. This means your career will progress more in the right direction since you don’t waste time trying to figure out any file conversion software. When you are more effective and efficient at work, your time is being transformed into money. That means you’ll also be working closer to your financial goals. This is the big advantage of

2. GogoPDF Will Also Help You Save Money

The biggest problem with buying file conversion software (such as those for PDF documents) is that you have to spend more money just to acquire then install the product on your computer. So that’s a double expense. And the time you spend trying to learn how to install and use that software means time taken away from your key projects.

You already know that time is money. So why waste more time? is very easy to use and you won’t have to pay big money just to use it. You just need to pay for the paid subscription and you can use this tool as often as needed any time of day or night. So while competitors are still trying to master file conversion software to install and use on their computer, you are already zipping through the service with great results!

3. The Conversion Process Is a Breeze

The first thing you have to remember is that you need to sign up for the subscription. When you’ve paid, you can access the PDF file to be converted from your saved documents. You may select the file through the system or simply drag and drop it into the correct field. Then start the scanning and extraction and wait for the results.

If you’re thinking that the process will take a long time, nope, you just need a few minutes to get this done. If you’re converting a series of PDF pages into a set of images, naturally it will take a bit more time. But it will still be faster than using third-party file conversion software.

When the PDF has been changed into a PNG image or set of images, you can download the finished product into your own computer documents. You now have the option of using that PNG image or images as you see fit.

4. PNG Is an Ideal Image Format

IT professionals know that PNG is a much better image format to choose because it is more high resolution compared to other image formats, like JPEG. If your aim is to wow your audience with a really high-resolution image, then you should opt for PNG format. That way, you get better quality for your efforts.

5. You Can Create PNG Images Anywhere

Another benefit of using the tool is that you don’t necessarily have to do the file conversion within the confines of your school or office. You can do this anywhere that you can latch onto a strong Internet signal. Ideally, your laptop or other devices should have enough power as well to last you through the file conversion period.

This means you don’t have to worry that you’ll be delayed with your file conversion task. If you’re a college student, you can do this in your school library or even within the cafeteria. If you’re an employee, you can do this in an empty conference room or just at your desk. The process is so fast that you can be done during your lunch break and still have time to eat.

6. No Need for Expensive Hardware

If you have a laptop or desktop, you might be worried that your system cannot support this online cloud service. The truth is, you can rely on even if your platform is Linux, Macintosh, or Windows. The browser you select may be either Opera, Apple Safari, Firefox, and Google among others. That’s how flexible this tool is.

Another cool thing about is that you can rely on other tools as well. Since you’re already going to use the PDF to PNG file-to-image conversion, why not examine the other options is offering onsite? The file conversion tools are under the following categories:

  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert from PDF
  • Split & Merge
  • Convert & Compress
  • View & Edit
  • Sign & Security

This means you have a wide array of choices to make your PDFs look more presentable and dramatic. That’s just what you need when you are using a PDF to present your project to your target audience. And since you’re already using the subscription version, you can use as many of these tools as you please when you want to. That gives you more value for money.

7. Respects Your Privacy

The nice part about using is that you don’t have to worry that interested eyes will chance upon your document within the system. The cloud service will only retain your PDF within its system for 60 minutes only. After that, the data will be completely erased. So you needn’t stress out over that either.


It is a good idea to convert your PDF document into PNG format if you really want to make a great impression on your audience anywhere. Whether you are creating a PNG presentation for school or work, is here to help. Just learn to absorb the simple instructions and the whole process will proceed quite smoothly, to your lasting relief.

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