In modern times, Instagram is positioned not only as an entertainment platform but also as a business one. Opportunities provided by a platform are capable of bringing good profit. So more and more entrepreneurs are approaching this issue seriously. Instagram gives an opportunity to develop a personal brand and provides recognition, loyalty, and monetization. Enhancing your Instagram reach depends on how you manage the account. This skill affects user engagement and activity. Let’s consider the key points of the right content formation using stories and posts.

Why are stories an important engagement tool?

Stories are a very useful option for the engagement of the audience because it is an indicator of account activity. The peculiarity of working with stories is regularity. Approximately several times a day. From the point of view of informative content, this is an informal communication where you broadcast a more private part of life. The goal of stories is to install contact and not sell, what’s why 70% of the content in stories is a lifestyle. It is necessary to add interactive formats for getting feedback and encourage the audience to debate by asking questions. In addition, it’s a bit of good advice to show backstages. People are interested in the internal processes of the company, what is happening behind the scenes.

Peculiarities of visual content

The numbers confirm that a person perceives 80% of information visually. Visual content is processed by consciousness much faster than text and determines engagement from the first seconds. Instagram is a very smart platform that can distinguish photo characteristics, such as sharpness, color, quality. So pay special attention to aesthetics and make your photo content look professional. Photos are your business card. People create an image of you as a person and your expertise through the power of your broadcast. In addition to the workspace, dilute the content with creative photoshoots that will stop the attention. 

Use the carousel tool and place the continuation of the text in them. This is a great way to keep the user’s attention for as long as possible. This time will be counted by Instagram algorithms. Test different video formats, IGTV, live broadcasts, and analyze what works well.

In addition, the activity indicator affects the overall impression of the post. In order to hang your rating, you can buy real Instagram likes. It will increase audience loyalty and interest in the content. You don’t need to invest a large budget, nevertheless, this tool pays off.

Text format as a powerful interactive channel

The text format should complement the visual content. You need to convey value through the text. It is a great channel for an entrepreneurs’ communication and the target audience. Now, the trend is transparency, what’s why broadcasting one’s own messages and actions lead not only to motivation but also to trust. Firstly, you need to create an image of your target audience, to reveal its key needs, interests, desires. Based on the answers received, it is necessary to transmit value that will solve the problems of people or provide a better future. In order to make your content plan effective, you need to lay out the information dosed and break it down into thematic sections. Selling posts should not be overwhelming and not exert pressure. Entertaining posts help to immerse the reader in a relaxing atmosphere and distract. It can be humor, motivation, book collections. Information posts can include instructions, surveys, master classes.

The design of the text should be easy to understand, so make the paragraphs, highlight the moments you want with emoticons or hashtags. To organize your work and consistency, you need to plan your content in advance and post during the highest peak of activity.

You can launch target advertisements, buy likes on Instagram or gain experts of opinion but keep in mind that in the center stand you as a personality.