Many organizations and educational institutions are slowly transitioning into online employee training from classroom training. Budget-friendly, better employee engagement, and flexibility in learning types are a few reasons why many corporate companies are interested in eLearning.

So, for the transition from classroom training to online training to smoothly happen, you need an effective content plan and strategy to get the best result out of it. You need to turn in the lectures, presentations, and on-the-job training experience into effective online content. This might sound like a daunting task, but if you research and plan carefully, you can create effective eLearning content. Now, let’s look at how you can actually do that.

1)Know your audience:

This is the basic rule for creating any product, service, or anything. When you are creating something, you should know who will consume it and why they should consume it. You must understand whom you are catering to. Good research on your learners will give a clear idea of what they expect and how you can deliver it. Conduct one-on-one interviews, surveys, and Google forms, etc to analyze your audience and know their opinion. With all the information gathered, you can create effective online training content.

2)Use the right medium:

A PDF format material and live online lectures don’t alone serve the purpose. Incorporate video animations, graphic content, and interactive elements like gamification of the tool for better engagement and involvement of the learners. One of the widely used tools for eLearning is the learning management system, it helps to create, deliver and monitor online training effectively. For instance, LMS like WorkRamp offers gamification features, mobile learning support, and many more.

3)Have clear goals:

Never ignore the reason why you want to shift to online learning from classroom learning. You should know exactly what your learners gain at the end of every lecture. Having ambiguous and directionless goals will lead to more confusion. Once you have a clear-cut goal, you can create the content around that. For instance, during the previous classroom training, the feedback you got from the learners was ineffective learning materials. So, you should fix that issue by creating engaging learning materials through video animations and other interactive elements.

4)Cater to all learning styles:

There are usually three different learning styles, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Your learners might fall under this learning style category. So you have to create learning content that caters to all your learners. So, offer video content, written notes, and audio webinars to ensure your content reaches out to everyone. With this approach, you expect better employee engagement and knowledge retention.

5)Collaborate with experts:

To create the best online training content, reach out to successful online course creators, subject experts, designers and communication professionals, etc. You can create an effective course with the contribution of all the domain experts. They can help your content be more engaging and change the way you look at creating the content. So, collaborate with them before you start the content creation process for better results. 

6)Keep it short and precise:

The reason why learners feel bored in a typical classroom training is the run time. These days nobody has the attention spans to sit for long hours and learn. So you should create content that is short but delivers the whole concept. You also understand what you should leave out while developing the course. Depending on the learning outcomes, only include content that is absolutely necessary. For assessments, you can create quizzes instead of theory-based exams. So think out of the box to make the content short and precise.


We are aware that the content creation process is not easy. You need to consider a lot of parameters and do lots of research to create effective training content. But, through proper goals and plans, you can create the best content for your learners. Follow the above-mentioned points for an effective content strategy.

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