Consumer habits continue to change. Sure, we’re all using Google or other platforms to find what we want but how we get there isn’t the same as how it was a decade ago.

Digital marketing trends change with each new algorithm update, rising social media platform, and viral video campaigns. Which of the current marketing trends should you focus on and exert resources for?

Discover the answers and more with our list below:

Aim For Position Zero

One of the leading marketing trends for 2021 and beyond is to snag a spot in the featured snippet box. Others refer to this as position zero. Google’s algorithm places this above the organic search results, indicating that it’s the most relevant answer to a user’s query. 

Getting to this spot is even more valuable than ranking high on the organic SERP. It’s above the SERP results, after all. Its spot can rival even the best PPC results due to its spot above the page fold.

Optimizing For Voice Search

The Amazon Echo sold well over 100 million units in 2019 alone. It’s not the only smart speaker either. Voice search is now more than a fun gimmick — it’s now one of the recent trends in marketing that’s going to stay.

Of course, optimizing for voice search isn’t easy. It’s wiser to hire a full-service marketing agency for assistance, ensuring you don’t miss out on this ongoing trend. 

Social Media Remains a Priority

Marketing on social media was one of the emerging trends in marketing that boomed in the early 2010s. It all started once Facebook took over the world. Now, other platforms flooded the market, and hitting people who spend time on them is a crucial part of survival.

Keep in mind that TikTok alone already has over 800 million active users per month. 

Smart Analytics and UX

Aiming for a better user experience, based on metrics, is now among the top digital marketing trends of 2021. Simply creating relevant content isn’t enough anymore. Your business also has to adjust its website to improve a visitor’s experience. 

For example, use a heatmap to visualize which portions of the page visitors engage with often. Now use that data to adjust assets or the page design to redirect visitors to portions you want them to interact with. Test and test again until you get the results you want.

Follow These Current Marketing Trends

These are some of the current marketing trends leading the industry today. Don’t waste time — take advantage of these trends and adjust your digital marketing efforts to increase web traffic, improve visibility and authority, and generate leads and conversions.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There are other aspects to master, from improving your PPC campaign to boosting your branding. Learn how to interpret analytics and which marketing tactics to utilize by reading our other guides today!