A gift is the best source to reform and make new connections with others, it reflects the affection and emotional attachment of the giver and receiver. By giving gifts you strengthen your bonds with your loved ones. According to some psychologists, in reality, it is the giver who gains more psychological feelings, not the receiver. 

Now custom gifts are becoming popular day by day. A Personalized or custom gift is a gift that contains any type of personal information on items like pictures, names, etc. By giving custom gifts to your loved ones it gestures that you are very selfless and want to wish or celebrate the recipient’s important event in a good way. A custom gift is more memorable as compared to a general one. 

You can make a custom gift by yourself using different techniques and ideas. Make a DIY gift by handcrafting. You can make a custom-sized gift box and put different memories and gifts in it. Some shops and markets are providing a choice of custom gifts. Now there are many online working websites and channels that are providing online services to customize your gifts. 

Specialties of customized gifts

We are living in a world where people like to give surprises to their loved ones. Every time on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage ceremonies, or other special events we always want to give something unique. Custom gifts are considered the most unique and attractive form of gifts in the market. 

Some special features are present in the customized gifts that make them prominent in the market full of gifts. Some of the specialties of customized gifts are given below:

  • Customized gifts can become more memorable when we attach some memory to them. Some customized gifts have the feature that you can engrave your name, picture as well as the desired date on them. Such customization makes the customized gift special to the person and it becomes a great memory. 
  • Customized gifts are made for people of different ages and gender. As you can easily change any gift for any person with simple customization. Custom gifts are according to the person’s desires and wishes which can be altered accordingly. 
  • The most important feature of a customized gift is its long-lasting quality. The gifts which are customized are stronger and save the memory for a longer period. It happens with all of us that sometimes we break the most beautiful gift given by some loved one. Customized gifts are made in such a way to protect the memory for a longer period as you can transfer it generation after generation.

If you are thinking about a custom gift that lasts forever then there would be different options available in the market. The best option in the list of custom gifts is ‘Paint by numbers.

Custom paint photo by Numbers 

You can shop mesmerizing unique paints designed by US artists. In the paint, by numbers section, you can customize your paint by adding photos, inspirational quotes, or the logo. By using custom paint by numbers you can bring back life to your favorite photos. 

You can make your own paint by numbers of any picture including your pet, your loved one, or your family. It’s considered the best gift to preserve the memories in a personal and unique way. You can give a hand-painted artwork of your friend’s favorite photo with custom paint by numbers.

If you want to make a customized gift for your special person then you need to follow some guidelines to make your own paint by number more perfect. Some of the simple guidelines to make your own paint by numbers are given below:

  • If you want to make your own paint by numbers beautiful, attractive, and amazing then you must choose the best picture. If the picture has an error with it then paint by number would not be as beautiful as it should be.
  • The picture must have the best quality contrast along with light intensity management. If the input would be good then the output would be the best.
  • Pictures must have a light background while the images with a dark background or high shadows would be the cause of the worst result. All the faces, people, and objects in the picture must be visible.
  • A person must check the image before confirming to make your own paint by number better. If the picture would be large then it needs to be cropped to fit in the canvas. When the artist is completely done in making your paint by number then it would be delivered within 3 to 6 weeks.

Paint by numbers brings the photographs to real life. The photographs that you want to make, your own paint by number looks exactly like the original one and this can be given as a memory. People like to paint by number to make family photographs, marriage day pictures, children photographs, photos with friends, or special ones. 

It would be a traditional gift to the grandparents as it is the same way of gifting photographs as they did at their age. You must imagine how it feels when you receive a hand-painted photograph which you like the most. Isn’t it amazing!


If you are planning to give your loved ones a unique and attractive gift that remains for a long time then a custom paint by number is the best option. One of the main featured products of Winnie’s picks is their “photo to custom paint by numbers” where you can make your paint by number.   

Paint by number is a great activity for those who do painting with the right colors to discover the beautiful design. By using this option of unique customized gift you can bring life to your favorite photo. If you are thinking of giving someone a custom photo then it could be the best option you can create your family painting and your friends painting by using this feature. 

The above-mentioned guideline would be the best for the ones who are feeling hectic in searching for the unique and the most amazing custom gift that lasts for long.