Custom-branded products have been used for marketing for many years. To date, they still play a significant role in the marketing world. However, not every item can be customized into a promotional product.

It is best to consider versatility, cost of production, and functionality when choosing a promotional product. Here is where items like metal keyrings and name badges come out on top. They tick all the right boxes of what you want in a promotional item.

Herein, we will look at how to design custom metal keyrings. The article will highlight the top factors to consider during design. It will also include the benefits of using promotional items to market your brand.

Determine the Purpose

The first step in designing any bespoke promotional product is determining the purpose and use. Are you launching a new product on the market or celebrating your first year in business? These questions will help you understand how to approach the design process.

Also, build with the customer in mind. The survey report will help you learn a lot about your customers and what they like. For example, if you have a customer base full of young people, custom metal keyrings with designs from famous cartoons and Marvel superheroes will be more appealing.

Hire a Designer

Once you have an idea, it’s time to bring a professional designer on board. Designing is more than just cutting the metal and printing. The colors and fonts must complement each other for a better user experience. You want more visibility, and a professional designer will help you there.  

Consider the keyring’s shape and size. Regular shapes are easy to curve, and the only downside is that they may look monotonous. However, you can also get creative and explore with custom shapes. Also, don’t ignore the size. It should accommodate your design without being too big.

You can also look for a keyring manufacturer that offers free design services. The team of in-house designers will help you create sketches and prototypes. You can use the prototypes to collect feedback from your customers before mass production starts.

Accessories and Finish

You can include attachments and accessories to make the custom metal keyrings more versatile or attractive. Adding a flash drive, nail clippers, or bottle opener will improve the functionality of your bespoke keyrings. You can also include accessories such as tassels or beads for added flair.

There are many ways you can finish your keyrings. For metal keyrings, most people prefer polished, brushed, antique, or matte finishes. You can also add color through enamel fills, epoxy coatings, or printing in full color. 

Consider adding personalized messages on your keyrings. The personalization method depends on your design and the type of metal. Common options include engraving, etching, printing, or embossing. Engraving will add more detail and works best on stainless steel. 

Benefits of Using Custom Metal Keyrings to Market Your Brand

One of the primary benefits of using custom metal keyrings is their durability. Metal keyrings can handle more wear and tear than plastic or rubber keyrings. This means that your brand message remains in the hands of your customers for a long time, offering more exposure.

As mentioned, using promotional products is a cost-effective marketing option. Bespoke keyrings are affordable to manufacture in large quantities, making them a budget-friendly option for SMEs and large businesses. The ROI is also great thanks to the durability of metal compared to other materials.

Metal and leather are associated with class and elegance. Even though plastic and rubber keyrings are cool, they are a tier below bespoke metal keyrings. This elevated perceived value can positively influence the view of your brand. 

Custom metal keyrings are effective for marketing and creating awareness of events or charity causes. This diversity enhances your marketing results while strengthening your brand’s connection with your target market. You can distribute the keyrings at seminars and trade fairs or gift them to your loyal customers.

A keyholder or a keyring is a must-have for most people who carry keys daily. When you provide your customers with custom metal keyrings, they are likelier to use them, leading to more brand exposure. More exposure means that more people will be aware of your products and services, creating brand authority, which will help you reach more people. 

Summing Up

Designing custom keyrings for your brand can be fun, especially when you see your ideas come to life. Bespoke products offer a better ROI than traditional marketing techniques if designed well.

Follow the tips shared in this guide to help you design customer-centric promotional keyrings. Keep the design simple and focus on visibility and brand colors. The goal is to leave a lasting impression with keyrings that will not go unnoticed.

Whether you’re celebrating your first year in business or promoting your business, custom metal keyrings offer a tangible way to leave a lasting impression.