If you have ever visited or lived in an automated home even as a guest for several days, you, definitely, felt a considerable difference between a simple home and that with automated devices or a fully connected system. So, what actually makes this difference, and what projects do deserve to be discussed today? 

Many reliable home automation manufacturers, like Progressive Automations, produce not only technical innovations but also offer possible projects for homes. When it comes to your home or your future home, you try to choose only the best things in life. The desire for everyone to work and manage easily and without any special efforts can be easily realized with the help of smart systems, and this is what you can achieve after learning the topic and precise planning.

No matter where you are, with smart devices using touch screens and remotes, you will be able to control everything in your home, from light to climate.

What will you gain with an automated home system?

Depending on your preferences, budget, and type of dwelling, you can start planning your future automation. Some homeowners would like to supplement additional smart features to some furniture parts, doors, windows or just remove the old TV stand and apply linear actuators to hide the huge screen away and let slide or pop up just with the press of a button. The last example is only one small but very popular example, just imagine what you can change with common electric linear actuators and connected control panels. 

Having fully connected home devices, you will be able to:

  • control all systems in the house
  • all equipment is configured exclusively for the owner
  • simple and convenient control from iPad, iPhone, or Mac
  • the ability to control the latest technologies of the smart home system from anywhere in the world: climate, alarm, light, sound, video, curtains – everything is under your control.

The way you can control your automated home

With the touch of a single button, you can choose the different settings you want for every room in your home, for every activity, from “Wake Up” to “Good Night.” For example, you watch TV in bed at night. You are ready to sleep. But you need to first go around the whole house, turn off the lights in all rooms, lower the curtains or blinds, turn on the security system, lower the temperature on the thermostats and turn off the TVs, music, and video games for children. With a home automation system, you can stay in bed. Just press “Good night” on your iPad or phone and everything will be set exactly the way you want. Various scenarios, the number of which is unlimited, can be created and customized to your personal taste.

Three essential points you should know about the automation system 

You as a customer and direct user can determine the priorities and the most important moments in the system for you personally. 

• Reliability

The smart home is the latest technology that will make your life more convenient and easier. Do you want your lifestyle and the home you live in to blend naturally? In fact, you have a simple desire that everything works so reliably that you do not have to think about some unresolved household issues. This is exactly what you can get. Progressive Automation is truly a leading specialist in the field of home automation with linear actuators implementation and separate automation projects. All smart home system equipment is designed and guaranteed to work together, smoothly, as a single system.

• Simplicity

All the details and additional accessories are created to increase the comfort when using them. Even the installation itself is simple and clear. The task is to remove all levels of complexity and focus on everyday life simplifying. 

• Personalization

All people, families, and homes are unique. Smart home providers don’t operate under the slogan “one size fits all”. Everything should be infinitely customizable to fit in with your lifestyle. The system itself is flexible so it can evolve with your changing needs. Need some additional updates or complementary elements – everything can be performed to serve your preferences. 

What determines the cost of the project

A lot of diverse factors are involved here. First of all, the price depends on the functions that are integrated into the “smart home” system. The number of rooms with separate climate control, multi-room zones, or other moments should be paid attention to. Do not forget about the complexity and number of related engineering systems that need to be integrated (ventilation, air conditioning, heating, etc.). Finally, the number and design of controls, on brand awareness also determine your potential budget for the whole work.

The final cost of the system is specified by many small factors – often they have no direct connection with the installation itself. How far is the facility from the city? What are the requirements for technical documentation (possibly, coordination and approval in different instances are necessary)? What are the design features of the object, the timing of the work?

An important pricing factor is the “appetite” of installers. It depends on the level of the company. Here, either they learn from you, or they offer you an already tested solution. In this case, the recommendations of other professional contractors of your facility are very important – ask them to recommend a trusted contractor.

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