Whether you own a restaurant or run a trucking company, your business has specific IT needs and many small business owners are unaware of the benefits that managed IT services can bring to an organization. Sector-specific business software is designed around the processes of the business and with automation, you can greatly reduce the workload, while boosting productivity.  Of course, we all use automation to some degree, yet many processes that are repeated can be automated and cutting-edge software.

Internet Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol is not a new technology, but it has been developed and refined to bring you affordable real-time video. The telecom corporations charge by the minute and when you make a Zoom call, you are using the Internet, not your cellphone network, which saves you a lot of money every month. Typical VoIP platforms include Skype for Business and Zoom and they have great online tools to enable remote collaboration. Talk to a provider of managed IT services in Charlotte and they would be happy to give you a demo call using VoIP, plus they can answer any questions you might have about the service.

Cloud Based Data Storage

If you have yet to switch to the cloud, this should be on your priority list of things to do; storing your critical business data on secure, remotely located servers is a game-changer.

You can:

  • Access data from any location.
  • Access your data using any digital device.
  • Control who has access to what data.
  • Update in real time.
  • Create documents.

Some small business owners think the cloud is for big companies and corporations, when in fact, even a one-man show can benefit from using the cloud. Click here for how to get cool stuff online.


The level of cybercrime is rising around the world and even small business is at risk of cyber-attack; indeed, anyone who connects to the World Wide Web is at risk of data theft. The cyber-criminal uses a number of strategies to gain access to a computer or network and you should train your employees on safe use of the Internet, as most attacks arise from a user inadvertently giving access by clicking on an email attachment, or responding to an online request.


If you have a logistics need, GPS technology is a game-changer that enables you to track your consignments in real-time. Indeed, most businesses use a third-party logistics (3PL) company and they can guarantee order fulfillment, as they have a global network of carriers. Package tracking is now the norm and your customers can simply click on a link and paste their consignment number into a search window and they can find out exactly where their package is at any given time. 

As a business owner, you should be looking at ways that digital technology can aid your business, and talking to a Charlotte-based provider of managed IT services is sure to lead to improvement. You only pay for the services you use when you hook up with a local provider.

Technology can not only transform how your business operates but also change how your business appears. Digital window signage can change your storefront completely with simple software.