Though the world has gone digital, well-rounded marketers recognize that direct mail still makes a big impact on a brand’s marketing efforts. It may be hard to imagine but, digital marketing and direct mail work hand-in-hand.

By choosing one or the other when it comes to your business’s marketing efforts, you’re leaving money on the table. In this article, we’ll share five types of direct marketing mailers to help you reach your business’ full marketing potential.

1. Direct Mail Postcards

User design is not limited to digital products only. Believe it or not, it plays a big role in physical products as well, which includes the direct mail you send to your customers.

One of the best types of direct mail marketing materials is a direct mail postcard.

By eliminating the envelope and printing your short and concise message right on the postcard, you increase the chances that your customers will actually read what your direct mail says.

These are great for sending offers and discounts, important brand announcements, or reminding customers of an upcoming appointment.

2. Video Mailers

Don’t know how to stand out from your competitors? Try video mailers.

Video mailers are interactive brochures that contain an embedded promotional video in the mailer for your customers to watch. As soon as your customer opens the video mailer, the small LCD screen flicks on and greets them with the content you’ve selected and designed.

It’s brilliant. Visual images and interactive design catch and hold people’s attention.

You can find more information here.

3. Direct Mail Catalog

Another popular type of direct marketing mailer is a direct mail catalog, which highlights your products or services. 

A nice feature about direct mail catalogs is that you can feature multiple products or services under one cover. That’s a piece of marketing mailer that can really increase your return on investment.

The best way to nail your catalogs is to focus on great design and copy. With great design and complementary text, your catalog can pull uninterested customers and turn them into prospective clients.

4. Self Mailers

In line with direct mail postcards, self-mailers are also a popular form of direct mail advertising. The lack of envelopes with self-mailers reduces the friction between your customers carrying out the action you wish for them to perform: reading your mail.

Self-mailers usually come in the form of a brochure or a leaflet that introduces a new or existing customer to your product or service.

They’re simple to produce and mass distribute. That’s a win for your business’s marketing efforts.

5. Dimensional Mailers

This last piece of marketing mailer is for the VIPs. Think, your highest-paid accounts and your most loyal customers. 

Dimensional mailers are as they sound: mailers that have dimension. They are not your traditional letter and envelope, or marketing brochure. These mailers have depth–they are usually packed in boxes, tubes, or containers.

Dimensional mailers are great for sending out product samples or giveaway items. Because they are more complex and thus, expensive to produce, we recommend you save these marketing mailers for your A-list. 

Achieving Greater ROI With These Marketing Mailers

If your business had an unlimited budget for marketing, you could afford to take risks on your business’s marketing efforts. However, most business owners need to make their marketing dollars stretch.

Choosing to engage your customers through direct mail means you’re reaching your audience in every way you can. Using these marketing mailers is your best direct mail strategy.

If you’re looking for more direct mail marketing ideas, check out our blog for more. Our content can help take your business’s growth to the next level!

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