You may be thinking about how you can use junk removal to get rid of e-waste piling up at home. With every single buy of gadgets, there’s a pile of old ones. Technology has revolutionized our digital lives. Thus, resulting in the cutter of loads of electronic waste in our homes. Every step taken in technology brings about the production of new products. This causes old gadgets to lie around in drawers, shelves, basement rooms, and garages.

If you have e-waste in your home, you have to exercise extra caution when handling it.  This is important if the items are in storage for a while. Most electronic items contain hazardous material. Such include heavy metals, mercury, and lead. So, you shouldn’t throw them around. They can pose severe health hazards and also environmental pollution. To manage your e-waste at home, you should consider the following:

Junk Removal

When you have items you no longer need filling up your house, the obvious solution is junk removal. Junk removal is not just about picking up stuff and tossing them away. It involves precise planning of how you will handle the items. This depends on their type and identifying the safest method of disposal.  It is even more difficult if the junk has electrical appliances.

Junk Removal Services

While some junk removal services accept pick-up of old electrical, others won. Thus, if you consider using a service confirm if the company accepts electronics. Otherwise, you are better off looking at the other options for managing e-waste. As a responsible person, you should also consider junk removal service is employing. There are companies that dispose of e-waste in landfills, which is wrong. You should choose the ones which practice sustainable e-waste management.

Donation of Gently Used Electronics

You may not immediately consider junk removal. This is because you’re having a challenge determining what to do with electronics you no longer use. Donation is a great way for you to help someone in need. This is while also saving the e-waste from littering the environment.  You could consider friends or families in your neighborhood. Otherwise, look up online for organizations that accept electronics in good condition.

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Most of these charities have programs that distribute donations to needy people or sell them to raise funds. There are different conditions by the various organizations on the electronic items they can accept. So long as the electronics are functional, they will accept them. Organizations such as The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and so on have websites that bear terms of donation.

Re-Selling Electronics in Good Condition

Not all electronics should go for disposal. While doing junk removal, you may realize that some of the e-waste is in good condition. You could have just gotten bored with it immediately after purchase. It could be that stains and dust on your appliances are what made you toss them into storage.

Well, have you tried cleaning it? You may be surprised at the near-new transformation it could get with some vinegar or any other cleaning agent. The fact that it is not appealing to you doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t willing to pay for it. You can post your electronics on craigslist, eBay, or any other online platform. Alternatively, you can set up a yard sale or take the items to goodwill stores. This will get some cash in your pocket.


Junk removal does not necessarily have to contribute to piling up landfills. You could contribute to sustainable disposal by recycling by taking your e-waste to recycling centers. The rate of recycling e-waste may not be at par with the production rate. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no recycling options. There are companies that recycle old electronic parts to make new ones. Some of the e-waste, depending on the components; goes to produce e-waste energy. Alternatively,  you can shred the electronics into tiny particles that then make raw material. The raw material goes for processing. It then turns into plastic or products that make other electronic parts, industrial accessories, or automobile accessories.

Final Thoughts Junk Removal For E-Waste

When doing the disposal of any item they no longer use, most people opt for the simplest way of doing it. This is regardless of repercussions.  This is what has contributed to millions of tons of obsolete electronics ending up in landfills; creating serious pollution concerns. Plastic waste and other non-biodegradable items such as carpets and shoes pose challenges in proper disposal.

Electronic waste management is even more difficult; considering the speed of production being faster than the rate of recycling. This makes e-waste management one of the biggest environmental challenges in the world. Therefore, you should ensure that your e-waste removal or disposal method is environmentally friendly. Be it a DIY or professional job.