Videos on the Internet are incredibly popular. After all, it is more interesting and easier to watch a five-minute video than to spend five minutes reading an article.

Unfortunately, in e-commerce, the benefits of product videos for increasing sales are underestimated – there are few online stores with videos.

If there is no video, you are losing money. And increasing the sales of your online store will remain a pipe dream for you. In this article, we will tell you why it is worth using the product + video bundle, how best to do it, and what kind of videos to shoot.

How do product videos affect online store sales?

A competent description and beautiful photographs of the product are good. But not as good as the product video. Ecommerce explainer videos help shoppers better understand the benefits and benefits of your product because you show the product live, in action.

After watching a video from 64% to 85% of those who watched

lean towards buying a product. Therefore, the video catalog of goods is not only an excellent sales accelerator but also an element of the store’s status.

This is why videos in an online store boost sales:

  • Google loves video sites

Usually, people don’t go past the second page of Google search results. Therefore, it is important that your online store is on the first search page, or better at the very top. Google brings video sites to the top of search results. Therefore, a video for a store is worth filming.

  • The video contains a lot of information 

An illustration conveys information better than text. But even a hundred cool illustrations cannot compete with a video. The main advantage of video is the ability to convey a large amount of information in a short period of time. The video will tell more about the product than text or pictures and will help the buyer to feel the product.

  • The video adds flavor to the store

Everyone loves good service. Often, customers expect service from an online store, as in some fashionable expensive boutique, where customers are met, greeted, and offered help. It’s a good idea to bring this experience online. Add a welcome video and store story to your homepage or blog.

  • People are more willing to share videos than articles

Word of mouth is one of the most effective tools for increasing conversion. The more people talk about your store, the better. Videos stimulate word of mouth with a bang: on social media, people are more willing to share videos with friends than articles with text and pictures.

What exactly to show in the product video

Before you start filming, you need to decide on the topic of the product demo video and think over the script. Here are five versatile scenarios:

1. Demonstration of product capabilities 

An overview of product features works great, especially if your product is superior in functionality to a similar product from other sellers. In such a video, you do not need to dryly list the technical characteristics of the product. The main thing is to explain to the buyer the benefits of these characteristics and functions in a way that he understands.

2. Instructions 

This scenario is suitable for an online store of technically complex products or products that need to be installed or configured. Show in the video how to use the product correctly and as efficiently as possible.

3. Tips for choosing 

These videos will help the buyer choose the right product for him. Compare several similar products and tell us for what purposes this or that product is better suited.

4. Video tutorials 

You can think of a whole course of training videos on the topic of an online store. For example, if you sell building materials, make some video tutorials on how to renovate your apartment. Selling radio parts – take off a couple of soldering lessons.

5. A simple video about the product as a whole 

You don’t have to bother and come up with video tutorials and compare products. A simple overview video works too. Show the product from all sides, hold it in your hands. If you sell services, show how they work. Even a short gif animation will help the buyer understand the size, shape, and obvious features of the product.

There are many scripts for video, but they all revolve around the value to the buyer. Decide on the scenario and convey the maximum value to your customers with the help of videos on the pages of your online store.

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