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Defining Digital Fashion

Digital fashion is the visual representation of clothing developed and designed using technology and 3D software. With the progression of technological advancement and talk of the Metaverse into play, digital fashion has become a convenient and helpful way of keeping the fashion industry booming. 

Digital fashion covers virtual clothing, fashion shows and catwalks, showrooms, catalogs and more. 

3D Fashion

One of the main ways fashion designers and stylists are making their brand experience virtual is by developing three dimensional software for digital clothing. This is done to reduce unnecessary and time consuming physical sampling as well as all the waste materials which are produced while pattern cutting during the design process.

In many ways, 3D fashion has proven to be more sustainable for the environment. It is a new way of connecting with consumers, and a chance for designers to venture into a new era of innovation. Fashion web designers use special 3D programming systems to stitch together patterns and provide production ready 3D adaptations of given garments.

There is a lot of 3D technology in fields besides fashion too, such as gaming. Many big fashion houses collaborate with popular video games to promote their clothes and brand through game avatars where the player can choose their outfits from specially designed pieces, for eg Moschino with The Sims.

Procedure of Digital Fashion Design

Fashion design on the web is a perfect amalgamation of digital technology and couture. ICTs(Information and Communication Technology) is used a lot for fashion web design agency and there are three ways fashion web designers do this.

  1. To design and produce fashion products along with industry leverages on digital technologies.
  2. ICTs have a direct effect on marketing, distribution and sales.
  3. They are also used in a major way for communication activities with relevant stakeholders and contribute to co create fashion.

Digital Textile Printing

Digital textile printing is one of the main  methods of 3D fashion web design. The prints are directly applied to fabrics with the printer. Most 3D printed designs are made of plastic or metal. It is a new age 21st century concept that has become favored and very popular in the fashion industry for environmental and industrial reasons. 

Designer fashion labels such as Prada, Thierry Mugler, Pucci and more use this technology extensively with their models and garments. 

Doubts About Digital Fashion

Although digital fashion is the future of the fashion industry and many people are in favor of it and feel that it is contributing to a better way of buying and trying clothes, since it is still a work in progress, a couple of questions do arise.

For instance, how can the 3D products that are produced be utilized by the public? In fashion, things are always changing, nothing remains constant and products are seasonal, however technology is not. High tech, expensive and complex technologies as well as highly experienced web designers and software engineers with an understanding of technical 3D would be required to keep things running smoothly. 

Brands would also be required to look into recruiting  people into their team who aren’t necessarily related to fashion. Such people should have expertise in gaming, AR and the 3D industry as mentioned above. This includes strategists, technical 3D artists working side by side with fashion web designers.