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Interpretation of Field Sales

Field sales is defined as the process by which sales representatives sell products or services in an external environment to meet with prospective customers, that is, outside the office, hence the name field. 

There is no specific timeline when it comes to field sales and they are constantly on the move,meeting and connecting with new potential buyers while maintaining strong relationships with existing ones. 

Responsibilities of Field Sales Representatives

They often have to work their schedule around their client’s requirements. In the case of field sales, the customer always has the upper hand, and the sales rep has to be flexible and nake their sales in locations that the customer finds suitable, such as their offices, a coffee shop or any other preferred place.

Field sales reps have the duty of maintaining good relationships with their clients by providing assistance, and building trust and ensuring that they are capable of offering their client what they need, so that they may work with them in the future as well. 

Procedures of Field Sales Training

  • Field sales training reps usually conduct in person meetings which are face to face hence are more personal and have a human element to them. They offer and pitch their services to clients or buyers in real time.
  • They come prepared with hard copies or presentations of exactly what they are offering which helps potential and existing customers further understand more about the product or good.
  • Field sales reps keep records of all their leads and accounts of their customers and have to update their terms of contract with both previous and current clients.
  • They also keep track of other companies’ products and market statistics to stay abreast of the latest trends which ensures a better understanding of their future client’s requirements.

Field Sales Training Strategies

For someone that is starting out or thinking of going into the sales field, there are some objectives to be aware of to ensure you and your team are going in the right direction. Some of them are

  1. Keeping Everything in Order Beforehand

This means you will have to have an idea of the bandwidth of reps you will require to have equal responsibility distribution to cover all areas. Having more is better than having less, because you will definitely need a good amount. What is important for a successful field sales team is the perfect balance of reps and managers who are hired according to the motives and demands of the organization. 

  1. Research and Background Checks

Understanding and reading up on your ideal candidate’s profile to find out their skills, capabilities, qualifications and future goals is a must when recruiting field sales reps. You need to think about the advancement and profit of your own company, so you want to make sure you only recruit people who match the company’s criteria. 

  1. Having the Best Equipment

Since field sales work is done on an outdoor basis, it is important that the reps have all the essential tools they can get to make a good sale. This means investing in the latest sales technologies to keep things professional and show the client that the seller is serious about what they are offering. This is especially good for brand image. 

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