Human ingenuity and creativity have led mankind to be the species controlling this planet. Everyone can make something new or make an already existing thing or process better. In this day and age, it is simpler than ever to become a scientist or an engineer and to invent something new.

The downside of that possibility is that there are much higher chances of someone else inventing something that you have already made. This is not something you want happening for two reasons. You will completely be stripped of your rights for making this invention. Besides that, you will not be able to make any money on this. Luckily for you, filing a patent is the right answer to stop that from happening.

Step one: Making sure you can patent something

Patents are not given for every single thing that can be invented. For example, surgeries and therapies can not be patented. The easiest way to make sure you have something that can be patented is to consult with some specialist patent services, as they are much more experienced in checking these things. You also must conduct thorough research before to make sure it has not already been patented. 

This can be easily done by checking on google patents. This will not only be helpful in making sure that your invention is original, but it will set you an example of what a patent looks like. This will be helpful for writing later on.

Step two: Do not let everyone in on what you are doing

Unfortunately, it can be very easy to plagiarize something these days. Be careful about not spreading the ideas and data you have to others. If an unwanted ear hears it,  they may be swifter in filing a patent. Do the patent filing fast and in secrecy.

Step three: Get an attorney

This has been briefly mentioned in step one, but sooner or later you will need to consult with an attorney. Their help is not only necessary for determining if something can be patented, but also for not making any mistakes during the process. It is feasible to do this single-handedly, but it is also quite easy to do something wrong and spend more money than you would have if you had an attorney from the start.

Step four: File a provisional patent

A provisional patent is a must during this process. It is a document given by USPTO that keeps your invention safe from everyone else for 12 months. During this time you can fill out all the necessary things for a utility patent. This step is very important and needs to be done properly, as a provisional patent that has been written inadequately will not do much.

Step five: Make sure you have enough money for this

Making a patent is not just a means of protecting something, it is an investment. The cost of the procedure varies with the patent itself. Not only that, if you hire an attorney that will also not come for free. Think about all the costs, but do not forget that this investment can bring you a good sum of money.

Step six: Write the patent

Once you have properly protected yourself with a provisional patent and have an attorney in the process of filing for the utility patent, it is time to write. Writing a patent is similar to writing a scientific paper. You need to have an abstract, introduction, description of your invention, and conclusion. 

This process needs to be done with much care because even the slightest mistake can get your patent rejected. This can set your patent issuing date for a later notice and you do not want that because it is already a lengthy procedure.

Step seven: Be up to date with the procedure

There will always be some problems with this, it is unavoidable. You need to assess the situation as soon as possible, for your sake. Make sure to check your mail always and to respond to your attorney and the patent examiner that will be assigned to you.

Step eight: The aftermath

After you have done all the steps of this procedure, it is time to use your investment to its fullest. As said in step five, patents can be quite profitable. The most common ways of using a patent are to start a company or just sell the patent. The choice is yours so think about the possibilities and how much you need to make your time and money worth all the hassle.

The aftermath

Filing a patent has become a very useful means of not just protecting something. It is also very profitable. Filing a patent is a long procedure, but is not as complicated as it seems. You will need to keep in touch with an attorney about the whole ordeal because of all the pesky details. In the end, once you have written it and had it accepted, it will all be worth it.

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