Mobile apps, robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Big Data play a critical role in ensuring any business runs more efficiently and earns big profits. And the self-storage industry is no different. 

Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more vital than ever for businesses to integrate technology into their operations to ensure long-term sustainability and success. Controlling infection rates can become a challenge if companies can’t function with minimal human contact or remotely. Hence more and more self-storage facilities are starting to include technology into the mix to provide their customers with safe and secure self-storage services like never before. These integrations provide customers with an unparalleled experience while ensuring that their belongings remain safe for as long as possible. That said, listed below are a few ways technology is bolstering the self-storage industry.

More Advanced Security Systems

One of the most common ways technology bolsters the self-storage industry is with the help of improved, more advanced security systems. After all, whether a storage unit can or cannot house customer’s items and belongings safely for an extended time is the deciding factor when people look for such a facility. That said, AI plays a crucial role in upgrading storage unit security systems and offering customers outstanding safety features. In particular, AI makes exterior and interior entrances a lot safer than ever before. For instance, AI-backed audio and video surveillance allow customers to identify the difference between inanimate objects and people. Moreover, intelligent storage unit doors can alert and notify customers of imminent danger.

Furthermore, biometric verification via an access control keypad or panel allows customers to keep their belongings safe from false entries and theft. In order to eliminate unauthorized access, these panels and keypads store unique customer information such as fingerprints, retinal scans, or voice samples. Plus, these devices can also provide customers with real-time tracking features.

Better Cloud Management Software

Incorporating technology into your self-storage units is all about providing customers with top-notch security and operating your business with increased efficiency, especially if you own multiple facilities. So, cloud services can help you monitor all of your storage facilities and keep business operations running smoothly, ensuring optimal performance. In addition to this, cloud management software lets you implement better marketing and business management strategies right from your mobile devices while allowing you to convey business-related messages to your teams.

Another significant benefit of such software is that it lets customers manage their units and inventory remotely. All in all, it helps you automate routine business tasks for better operational efficiency, saving money and time in the process.

Climate Control Technology

Climate control technologies can help you transform your self-storage units completely. This tech is crucial because most customers will undoubtedly store environment-sensitive items inside your storage units. And when they do, they expect these items to remain in good condition as long as they’re stored. That is why climate control technology is a must for every self-storage facility owner out there. However, if you aren’t utilizing such technological advancements, your customers’ belongings will develop frost or mold or suffer damage due to climatic changes.

Luckily, with the help of climate-controlled storage units, you can keep your customers’ belongings safe from extreme weather conditions. For instance, dehumidifiers and HVAC systems will allow you to maintain a constant temperature inside your storage units while keeping insects and other pests at bay.

Self-Service Kiosks

With social distancing being the new normal, it is wise for business owners to limit physical interaction with their customers and staff. Here’s where self-service kiosks come into the picture. They put the ‘self’ in self-storage.   

With the help of these self-service kiosks, you probably won’t have to keep your storage facility staffed round the clock. Not only do these kiosks limit the need for personnel to be available for customer support, but they also limit potential transmissions of viral infections. Instead, you can ask your staff to work remotely on other business aspects such as marketing. In addition, self-service kiosks will allow your customers to sign up, rent, renew, pay for, and access their storage units with little to no human interaction.

Mobile Rentals

Whether you’re looking to do some shopping or order your favorite food, we can pretty much do everything from our mobile devices these days. Plus, the number of online shoppers has doubled since the Covid-19 pandemic, and because of this, the eCommerce industry is booming.

While it might seem unlikely to some people, mobile technology also benefits the self-storage industry via integrated mobile apps. These apps allow customers and facility owners to manage their units from the comfort of their own homes. Customers can track items and watch security footage right from their hand-held devices.


Incorporating technology into the mix will allow you to earn more profits than ever before. Not to mention, it will increase your self-storage business’s operational efficiencies tenfold. Technology enables you to work smarter and utilize your resources in the right business areas. This article mentions some ways technology is making the self-storage industry safer and more efficient. So if you haven’t already, it’s about time to upgrade.

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