In this ever-changing tech world, it’s certainly true that AI and robotics are two major industries that attract a lot of hype, but contrary to some technological trends, much of the hype surrounding them is completely justified.

If ‘Robotics’ is a “Body,” then ‘AI’ acts like its “Brain.” This is a testimony of major robotics companies using AI for making general purpose robots and using them in almost all top industries.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that AI and robotics are not only infiltrating everyday life, but they are also going to transform entire industries from farming and manufacturing to banking and retail.

But did you know that – with businesses around the world trying to automate production lines and supply chains, ‘Robotics start-ups’ are attracting great investor interest and grabbing huge amounts of investment.

The latest to receive $100M in funding for the B series is Flexiv, a global leading general purpose robotics company. 

Now, if you are a technology freak and this news caught your interest, then let us start reading about Flexiv Chinese ai 100m meituan liao techcrunch in detail:

About Flexiv 

Flexiv Company

Six years ago, in 2016, Shiquan Wang, a graduate of Stanford University’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab, founded a China-based manufacturing company of robotics called “Flexiv”.

He established Flexiv (which is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California) with a focus on the design and production of such robots that combine force control (FC), computer vision, and AI.

Basically, his motive is nothing but developing more adaptive robots to use in industrial settings. No wonder why because he firmly believed that robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) would soon be used in a wide range of industries including agriculture, education, healthcare, the service sector and the logistics industry.

Now you know that Flexiv develops hardware and software to build “Adaptive Robots”. These robots are based on Artificial Intelligence and hence are friendly (adaptive) in nature. They can control themselves and adapt to their surroundings to act accordingly.

The company has validated its primary business model four years after its inception, completed manufacturing of its core hardware and software products, and has submitted over 100 technical patent applications to date.

Flexiv Ltd is currently the best automated robotics company in the world, mainly focusing on research and manufacturing of adaptive robots, which can solve problems and make decisions in the same way as the human mind.

Where the Company Flexiv Ltd. Operates?

So far, the company ‘Flexiv’ which provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotic systems to customers in various industries including food and agriculture, has established offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Foshan, Singapore and Taiwan.

Flexiv Chinese AI 100M Series B Funding

The company’s earlier plans to manufacture and deliver 100 robots to customers by 2020 and for this purpose, the company had previously raised $22 million for Series A robots in late 2019.

However, it has now become the latest company to receive over $100 million in Series B funding from investors for the production of AI-series Meituan Liao TechCrunch devices.

According to the data collected by flexiv chinese ai 100m meituan liao techcrunch, “the B Flexiv Chinese ai series Meituan Liao Techcrunch investment round has raised more than $100 million thanks to the participation of a number of different investors.”

To confirm the same, Ingrid Grey, the CEO of VIN Number Lookup has commented that “The latest company to receive funding is Flexiv, which is a Chinese robot manufacturer. It has recently finished its Series B funding round, and has raised over $100 million from various investors, including Meituan—an on-demand services brand. The company operates in several leading cities in China and has a California-based base.”

After completing its Series B funding round (which has raised over $100 million from multiple investors), the company makes a statement that it will use this investment to advance the manufacturing process by putting money in hardware and software.

To be specific, Shiquan Wang, co-founder and CEO of Flexiv said that— “The strategic funding from leading companies and funds in various industries will mainly be used for mass production and marketing, new market development, and cutting-edge R&D.

He further added that— “We will continue focusing on the automation transformation of the manufacturing industry, while exploring new applications in a broader range of industries including services, agriculture, logistics, medical care, and so on.

He then concluded his statement by saying that— “With business opportunities from new investors that cover almost every industry, we will be able to develop and refine our products and robot AI in a diversity of real application scenarios, which greatly benefits our development of the most advanced general intelligence and robotics technology.”

Flexiv Chinese Meituan Liao Techcrunch

The Flexiv Chinese Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch robots are equipped with computer vision, artificial intelligence and force feedback.

They are designed in such a way that in the future equipment deployments can be more cost-effective and with that also less time-consuming at the time of the rise of new circumstances.

The Chinese AI series Meituanliaotechcrunch is also very different from others due to its bendable robots. Now, $100M Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch will be used to control the arms of the robots and also other devices in factories, warehouses, and many other settings to let the robot’s arms work more safely and securely.

However, the features that are becoming more prominent in the Flexiv Chinese Meituan Liao Techcrunch are artificial intelligence and pattern recognition in various businesses such as dishwashing. 

According to Wang, the Chinese AI $100M Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch can do things perfectly when there are no obstacles in the way of their functioning.

The company has started mass manufacturing of these robots and has already built hundreds of $100M series Meituan Liao Techcrunch.

Licensed software is installed in these robots and the robots are being sold with after-sales customer care services so that a large number of customers and partners can build their confidence and trust in this new age robotic technology.

Flexiv Chinese AI 100M Investors

Since Flexiv has raised more than $100 million in Series B funding from various companies in early October 2023, it claims the highest single-round fundraising in the history of general-purpose robotics.

So, if this makes you curious about the companies that have invested in this Chinese robotics firm, let us tell you that one of these investors is on-demand service brand Meituan, a super app that offers food delivery, online grocery shopping, and restaurant reservations, among other services.

Other significant investors include; Jack Ma’s YF Capital, a private equity firm called Longwood, a major Beijing-based agriculture company known as New Hope Group (it has a significant presence in animal husbandry, feed and agricultural automation), a venture capital firm called Meta Capital of China, and others.

Among those are GSR Ventures and Gaorong Capital, two of China’s best-known venture capital businesses.

In addition, through Plug and Play, companies throughout the United States and China are able to do business prominently. This led the company to an additional $120 million in capital during the funding round.

According to Flexiv Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch, the additional funds will be used by the company for software upgrades, development of its robotics ecosystem and market expansion.

Flexiv AI Adaptive Robots

Co-founder and CEO Shiquan Wang defines his ‘robots’ as machines that can resemble human dexterity and adapt to a changing environment, enabling them to perform repetitive yet complex tasks typically performed are performed by humans but are far away from the potential of conventional industrial robots.

The adaptive robots are versatile enough to perform a variety of tasks including surface treatment, precision manipulation, mobile operation, service innovation and general assembly tasks.

According to Wang, loading, unloading, installation, plugging, fastening, and other routine assembly activities can be automated using the versatility of the adaptable robot.

Not to mention, the Flexiv Chinese AI company also develops its own software platform, known as ‘Flexiv Elements,’ which it claims “can enable the programming, monitoring, and control of robots with ease.”

So, the adaptive robot’s advanced hybrid motion and force control capabilities enable it to perform real-time fitting on workpiece surfaces. Moreover, its static dynamic force control helps it to achieve excellent polishing performance.

Also, because the adaptive robot is equipped with high accuracy and fine-grained force sensing, it can perform tasks such as precise screw locking or fastening. Not only that, it can deal with the assembly of small size and high precision force control required workpiece. 

All in all, due to its excellent ductile nature and flexibility with fusing advanced AI technology—the adaptive robots can be applied in many industries to solve problems based on flexible business models.

Flexiv Robot Rizon

Hence, the Robots manufactured by the company are in demand and, it increases more after an adaptive Robot of the Flexiv named “Rizon” won an award for design excellence.

Introduced in April 2019, the Rizon adaptive robot comes in three models: the original Rizon 4, the Rizon 4s, and the Rizon 10. Each with the technology of Force control used throughout the arms of these robots. The robotic arms of the Rizon were designed for high precision and quick response times. 

Overall, the algorithm of the robot was very advanced and it controlled the performance of the robot completely. 

However, this is not enough as Flexiv plans to move forward with its robotics and artificial intelligence-based software technologies, following an investment from food delivery company Meituan.

The founder of the company, Wang Shiquan, thinks that “Most countries around the world need upgradation in their conventional manufacturing units, which creates a scope for his robot manufacturing business.”

He is also of the view that “If the accuracy of the robot is better, the requirement in production will be much higher. Also, the AI of the robots should be capable of adapting to any change in its system by itself.” So, this is where the company Flexiv is leading as per its founder.

Upcoming Project of Flexiv Chinese AI Series

Flexiv Publishes Noema

Flexiv Chinese AI 100m meituan liao techcrunch is planning for releasing a new Artificial Intelligence system named Noema which is the cloud-edge end-based brain of the robot. It is efficient enough to perform any task with high perception.

Flexiv is claiming that Noema is going to be the basis for the ‘General Purpose Intelligent Agent’ or ‘GPIA’ for all upcoming robots. This will help companies in developing AI solutions and cutting-edge algorithms.

Noema can access complete information at any time, can easily analyse it, learn and solve complex problems using its technical core feature and integrated state-of-the-art algorithms.

Integration of Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch With Different Industries

Despite the fact that Flexiv is relatively new to the market, it has already begun the process of integrating the Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch into several different businesses for implementation and gaining the trust of its stakeholders.

Given the hard work it has been doing over the past several years, the company will be in a solid position to take on larger companies and raise finance, as long as it continues to build strong synergies with its partners.

Collaboration with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) to Form a Strategic Partnership

If you do not know, let us tell you that Flexiv is already collaborating with major Chinese producers of industrial equipment, and has established strategic alliances with important Chinese businesses especially ‘China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).’

However, it is generally believed that Fujian Grand Chip Investment Ltd., SINOMACH and FANUC represent the most encouraging prospects among these partners; there are several other potential partners that Flexiv is interested in working with, including Changjiang Electronics, Chih-Tung Precision Machinery and CESA.

More than 50 industrial companies in China have already joined Flexiv to develop partnerships. 

As of now, the company collaborates with about half of the world’s robotics businesses that are located in China and have established working relationships with more than 300 different manufacturers across the country.


While robot-related startups are gaining popularity in China these days, no other company is leading the way like Flexiv as it recently raised $100 Million in Series B Funding.

Flexiv is a fast-growing robotic company with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. It has been able to pave the way for other companies to develop their product line by providing personalized, intelligent robots to various industrial sectors in China as a result of the unprecedented work it has done in the field of robotic development.

Hence, no second thought given to the fact that Flexiv Chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch is a company that is worth investing in. 

But, it will be interesting to see how the 100M Series B investment will help Flexiv reach a few more milestones in developing its robots, their software, and attracting new talents to its research team across the globe.


Ques: What is Flexiv and with whom has the Flexiv Robotics Company partnered?

Ans: Flexiv is a company that is developing artificial intelligence and robotics to make manufacturing more productive. It holds expertise in robotic systems, robotic vision modules and operating systems. So far, the company has partnered with over fifty Chinese manufacturing corporations, but China is its largest market as e-commerce is expected to cost over a trillion dollars by 2023.

Ques: When did Flexiv Ltd. Started?

Ans: The company was started in 2016. Initially, it had a core founding team from the Robotics and AI laboratories at Stanford University. But now, Flexiv employs more than 1,000 people and has expanded offices across five continents i.e., in Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, Santa Clara and Shenzhen.

Ques: What is Rizon by Flexiv?

Ans: Rizon by Flexiv is a force control robot that was designed with advanced artificial intelligence which enables highly sophisticated perception, force-guided manipulation and adaptability in real time. Not only that, Rizon also offers a new level of customization through custom joint design, self-developed control electronics, and proprietary force sensing technology. It even includes industrial-grade safety features with which, Rizon Flexiv can perform various industrial tasks.

Ques: What Are the Applications of Flexiv?

Ans: Applications of Flexiv include force-controlled assembly, polishing and sanding, and connector plugging. Thus, the company has been honoured with several awards, including the iF Design Award and the German Innovation Award.

Ques: Why Adaptive Robotic Technology Is In Demand?

Ans: The reason why adaptive robots are emerging as an important technology in various industries is that these robots can adapt to the environment and change their way to meet the changing requirements. Hence the demand for these robots has increased with the trend of automation. Note, however, that the cost of manufacturing these robots is quite high, and also they are susceptible to damage in heavy industries.

Ques: What Is the Amount of Investment Raised by Flexiv?

Ans: Flexiv has been named a unicorn company in China and this is only the second company that has got $100 million in funding, especially during the post-pandemic time. No wonder the 100M Series B investment is going to be of great help to the Flexiv AI team which is constantly working in the area of ​​research and development to bring solutions to major problems in the field of AI. But still, with such a large amount of funding, it will be interesting to see how the company could become a giant in the field of robotics.

Ques: What Flexiv Will Do With A $100 Million Investment?

Ans: Using a $100 million investment, the company aims to create a Flexiv Chinese AI 100m MeituanliaoTechCrunch robot that can perform multiple tasks and reduce manufacturers’ employment and reduce their workloads.