There are over 340 types of bacteria in our homes, many of which are found on our floors. 

Regularly cleaning your floors is crucial to protect your family’s well-being, create a comfortable environment, and prevent a pest infestation. Perhaps you’ve procrastinated your floor cleaning routine because you’re worried about doing it wrong.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six common floor cleaning mistakes. 

1. Not Cleaning Spills Quickly

Regardless of the types of flooring you have, it’s important to handle spills quickly. Not only is it a slip hazard, but the liquid could seep into your foundation, ruining your home’s carpet grippers and even the structural damage.

To prevent this from happening, quickly grab your mop and dab at the spill. Next, scrub the mark with soap and hot water to eliminate any bacteria. 

2. Using Too Much Water 

Anyone who isn’t sure how to clean floors must remember to use little water. Sure it’s safe to use, but it may penetrate and potentially warp your floors, especially if it’s wood. 

As a general rule, only use as much water as the mop or cloth can hold. 

3. Not Following the Instructions on Cleaning Agents

We likely have a cupboard overflowing with floor cleaning products that we haven’t even read.

Regardless of how often you’ve used disinfect, each manufacturer may have specific instructions, such as applying a certain amount. And before buying them, check that each one is specially made from your flooring to prevent any disasters. 

4. Using Abrasive Scrubs on the Wrong Surface

No one wants stains on floors, but it’s important to handle them properly. Avoid scrubbing any stubborn marks with bleach and a scourer because it could make matters worse. It will likely scratch and permanently scar your floor. 

5. Scrubbing Your Carpet 

There’s no point in prioritizing regular floor maintenance when you don’t know how to properly clean your carpet. A common mistake is scrubbing the mark with a towel, but this can damage the fibers and shorten the carpet’s lifespan. 

Instead, clean the stain by blotting as it will prevent damage. 

6. Using the Wrong Vacuum Setting 

We all know how to vacuum our homes, but are we using the right setting? 

As a general rule, you need a higher vacuum setting when you’re cleaning hard floors. This is so it doesn’t scratch your floors or spoil its finish, crucial with hardwood. But when you’re vacuuming carpet, then lower the setting so it penetrates the floor and does an effective job. 

Further, when you’re using attachments, then use the brush-like one with soft bristles to eliminate dirt from hard-to-reach places.  

Familiarize Yourself With These Floor Cleaning Mistakes 

Hopefully, you’ll avoid these floor cleaning mistakes. 

Make sure you immediately clean spills, read the instructions before using any products and find the right solution depending on the floor. You should also avoid scrubbing carpets and use the right setting on your vacuum. Happy cleaning!

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