With some simple tactics, one can generate primary leads to kickstart and foster their business on their own. This is why today you will be going through a few simple techniques that will enable you to generate leads on your own!

Before we proceed to methods of lead generation let us give you a brief overview of what lead generation actually is, and why it is the backbone of any business thriving in today’s world. Let’s dig in right into the basic definition of lead generation and its role in fostering your business.

What does lead mean?

Basically, a lead is an individual that shows even a tiny bit of interest in your products or services in any form. In other words, a lead is a kind of survey or questionnaire that you receive when you indicate an interest in the products or services of any company. In this way, when the company actually calls you to address your queries, they will have an idea about your intention and no time will be wasted at their end.

What does lead generation mean?

Lead generation is a simple method to draw the attention of potential customers to your business. In simpler words, lead generation means converting your audience into customers.

What is the process of lead generation?

Mostly the agency that is providing you lead generation services for your business is concerned with the entire process of led generation. However, now that you are well aware of the term lead generation let us walk you through the entire process of lead generation!

  • Initially the audience comes across your business through any of your marketing channels. It can either be your blog, website, or social media pages.
  • Now the audience clicks on any given call to action on your channels. An image, button, or a message that pushes the audience to take any action can be called a call to action.
  • Clicking on call to action takes your audience to a landing page, that is a web page designed specifically to store lead information entered by the visitor.
  • Now the visitor will be tempted to fill the form shown on your webpage and you will receive a new lead!

Lead generation strategies

Lead generation covers a wide range of strategies which majorly depend on the type of platform you are making use of in order to capture leads. Read below and you will come across a few platforms that you can make use of in order to generate leads.

Facebook lead generation

Initially businesses made use of outbound leads in their posts and information present in their bios in order to draw attention to their websites. However, since the launch of Facebook Ads in 2007 the entire process of generating leads went through a massive change. Facebook came up with Lead Ads specifically for the purpose of lead generation.

In addition to that, Facebook enables you to create a simple call to action button which lands users straight onto your website.

Twitter lead generation 

Twitter is famous for its feature known as Twitter Lead Gen Cards. This feature enables you to generate a lead within the tweet without exiting the site. The user’s name and email address directly show up in the lead card and all they need to do is click on the submit option in order to become a lead.

LinkedIn lead generation 

LinkedIn has managed to stay at the top for the advertisement since it first launched as a social site. Likewise Twitter, LinkedIn also offers LinkedIn Lead Gen Cards. These Lead Gen Cards are auto-filled with the user’s data when any Call to action button is clicked. This entire process makes lead generation quite an effortless task.

PPC lead generation

PPC stands for pay per click, which refers to Ads on search engine result pages. Google gets around 3.5 billion searches per day, these figures make google an ideal place for ads and lead generation.

B2B lead generation

B2B is a great business model that needs a specific approach in order to generate leads. Although, the effectiveness of lead generations depends on the channel yet B2B lead generation is quite known for lead generation.

Tips for effective lead generation

Read below, to discover some effective tips and tricks for lead generation!

Make use of adequate lead generation tools

As you are aware, most of the thriving businesses make use of specific lead generation tools and software in order to store their leads. Making use of correct lead generation tools is quite essential in order to know your potential customers in a better way.

Curate attractive offers for each step of the buying cycle

Not every viewer that lands on your page will be willing to engage with your customer service team or watch an introduction of your products or services. Hence, it is highly essential for you to come up with attractive offers for every stage of the buying cycle rather than just the final stage.

This is a quite obvious step however, a significant number of people miss out on this step of linking their CTAs to a dedicated landing page. The main purpose behind CTAs is to transport users to specific landing pages where they come across various offers.

Build strong strategies for your social media

Building strong strategies for your social media will indirectly enable you to generate leads. You can start off by adding links to your landing pages within your high-performing social media posts on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.