A green card means to go. Nearly 600,000 people received a green card in 2019. But U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services received millions of applications for permanent residency. 

One reason why so many applications failed is the process of how to get a green card. You must be diligent if your application is to be successful. 

What exactly does a green card do for you? Who is eligible for an India card? How can you begin your application process? 

Answer these questions and you can gain entrance into the United States with your very own card. Here is your quick guide. 

The Essentials of a Green Card in India 

A green card will give you the status of a permanent resident in the United States. You will be able to work and live anywhere you want in the country.

You will not be able to vote or serve in the military until you become a citizen. But becoming a permanent resident will expedite your citizenship process. 

If you are an Indian citizen, you will maintain your Indian citizenship. There is no real advantage to holding an American card while living in India. You should travel to the United States soon after receiving one. 

Green Card Eligibility

Not everyone is eligible to hold a green card. Family members of American citizens can apply for one, including older children and siblings. Skilled workers who have a standing job offer with an American company can also apply. 

These are the two main categories of applicants. On rare occasions, green cards are extended to religious workers, refugees, and victims of abuse. But it is very hard to get admittance into the United States. 

Apply for a Green Card

Many people begin their application process by applying for an immigrant visa. This allows the recipient to remain permanently inside the United States. They must receive sponsorship from a family member and an American citizen. 

Once the visa is obtained, an applicant can go through several avenues to get their green card. Graham Adair and other immigration experts recommend that Indian applicants apply through the EB-3 avenue. 

The EB-3 avenue requires applicants to have a standing job offer. The offer must be for full-time work, but the applicant can have any amount of education. EB-2 and other avenues require applicants to have advanced degrees or exceptional work backgrounds. 

You will need to submit many different documents over a long time. You will also have to submit to a verbal interview with a consulate official. Prepare to wait a while for your application to go through and receive a final decision. 

Now You Know How to Get a Green Card

You can figure out how to get a card. It will give you permanent residency, which means you have no work restrictions in America.

Cards are limited to family members of American citizens and skilled workers who have job offers. If you are in the latter category, you should apply for a card through the EB-3 avenue. 

You can get a card if you don’t fall into either group. Get legal help while you prepare your plethora of documents. 

There are other ways you can get to America. Follow our coverage for more immigration guides. 

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