Youtube is a platform where anyone and everyone can upload videos they want. Being the largest platform for the same on the internet, youtube is one of the most important social media platforms to get recognized on. If you can build and retain an audience here, then social media growth will only follow on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

However, if you have recently started making content on youtube, then you might need the right guidance to do so. And that is exactly what we’re here for. Today we are going to talk about 7 ways to get more eyeballs on your youtube content and hence make your channel and social media presence grow simultaneously. We are going to discuss actionable tips that both beginners and intermediates can apply to get successful on youtube. So without further ad, let’s dive right in-

Identify your target audience

To attract viewers who have the potential to bring in good leads for your YouTube channel, you need to identify your niche first. Once you have recognized the ideal subject for yourself, finding the right audience becomes easier.

The YouTube analytics have features that help you to understand the demographics, age, gender, and even the specific interest of the audience. Using these data, you can easily optimize your video creations to attract your target audience and get more views.  

Research your rivals

If you are interested in a particular niche, chances are that the same niche is followed by numerous other content creators. So, to ensure that your content ideas do not overlap with others, you need to do a little research on your competitors who work in the same niche. 

Check out what sort of videos they make and which of those gain more attention. Refine your original ideas from the data collected to create unique videos. 

Create unique and relatable videos

Plagiarism is a big “NO” when it comes to the creative industry. Duplicative content is looked down upon and people lose interest in them easily. 

To ensure your viewers find your videos interesting and come back for more videos in the future, you need to retain their attention by curating unique and fun content that they can relate to. Google Trends is one of the most popular tools among content creators for finding out the current trending topics.

Know the best time to post your videos

Your audience does not surf YouTube throughout the day. Surveys have shown that there are specific times when different groups of target audiences stay most active. 

Use Analytics to your advantage and find out which posts are performing well. Incorporate the data to ensure a higher number of views. 

Add attractive thumbnails and titles

The most effective method to entice fleeting viewers to tap on videos is to include an eye-catching thumbnail and title for your YouTube videos. 

Make sure you use high-quality images, bold captions, and a consistent color palette to create your thumbnails. This will help you tempt the fleeting viewers to visit your profile and check out your videos, thus increasing your engagement pattern. 

Use relevant tags

Using Hashtags helps people to recognize and find your videos more easily. When you post a video, make sure to find out relevant hashtags that resonate with the concept behind the video and also reflect the personality of your YouTube channel. 

It will raise your rank on your viewer’s search page, thus improving the visibility of your videos. As a result, you will get more likes on your videos. 

Don’t forget to interact with your Audience

One of the best and most effective ways to retain your audience’s interest is to interact with them on a regular basis. 

It makes them feel involved and included in your brand, which is very important to gain audience loyalty. You can host live sessions once in a while and ask your audience to connect with you in real-time. Another way to engage with your audience is to respond to their comments and mentions. 

Cross-promote your videos

When you have multiple social media platforms at your disposal, the best idea is to seize the opportunity. 

You can open accounts for your brand on different social media sites to wield the full potential of social media to promote your videos. You can post teasers for your videos on Instagram and Facebook to expand your outreach and gain more views. 


The seven tips mentioned above have proven to be helpful for every kind of YouTuber that’s out there and hence can help you grow too. If you’re looking for a solid work plan, then the tips mentioned above should be your holy grail and hence are perfect for making your youtube famous. We’re sure that these solid tips will help you grow substantially and hence we highly recommend putting these to use. Till then, keep scrolling!