Thanks to the interactive power that video content has in communication, it has become the most sought-after tool in marketing. Social media influencers and organizations always have a message to pass to their audience. Videos are their preferred marketing tool. Thousands of videos go online with each passing day. Therefore, competition for views is very high. You have to go the extra mile in making sure that your videos are visible to your target audience. They should also achieve the highest engagement level. Therefore, visit this page to use a free video maker to create amazing videos that convert.

There is no way you can achieve this without doing Video Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine Optimization means customizing your video to make it relatable to searches made on search engines. Optimization makes it easy for these search engines to crawl onto your video content, giving it a higher ranking based on the right keywords. If you are new to the concept of Video SEO and you don’t know where to start, worry not. The following guide will enable you to learn how to nail a video SEO:

Choose the Right Keywords

Did you know that keywords are determinants for search result pages on online search engines? Well, if you didn’t, now you know. If you want your videos to receive more views, you will need keywords that will give you great results. As a newbie, you may be wondering, you can identify the right keywords. There is no shortcut to this. You have to do searches in your area of specialty. For example, if you are a free video maker app developer, you could search ‘video maker apps’ or ‘free video maker’ results on google. You can then confirm the search volume for the same using a keyword planner for google. Normally, results showing searches of 1,000 up to 10,000 searches in a month would indicate that the keywords are good.

Use a Video Transcript

It is every video creator’s wish to have their videos rank higher for maximum reach. What better way to achieve this than to make the content well known in advance by the search engines? If search engines do not understand your video content, they cannot relate it to relevant searches made by online users. Transcripts communicate what your video is about to search engines. Unlike YouTube which has an in-built speech recognition feature that can create transcripts automatically, most online platforms lack this capability. Therefore it is important for you to include a video transcript when making your videos. You can insert a transcript in your video with either a paid or free video maker. The choice is yours depending on your budget and needs.

Include Subtitles and Captions Using a Free Video Maker

Wondering how this works? A brief scroll through a video with subtitles and captions is enough to encourage viewers to hit the unmute button to view. This is because, within the first few seconds of seeing your videos, viewers will understand what your content is about. The more informative and attention-grabbing your captions or subtitles are, the more views you get. Consequently, with more views, the search engines get signaled of your video’s popularity and bring it up in related searches. Luckily, you don’t need sophisticated software to insert subtitles and captions. Even with a free video maker, you can pull it off.

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Pick the Platform That Better Meets Your Needs

Your performance expectations and the marketing purpose of your video determine your choice of social media platform. For example, Google is ideal for information with large volumes of text and images, while YouTube and Vimeo support video sharing. If you are marketing a free video maker with a detailed article on its features and functions, google will serve your needs. Remember that the body of the text should bear the keyword- free video maker within the paragraphs. If you also have a video explaining how it works and you are seeking a wider audience, you should post it on YouTube. This is because Vimeo has a smaller reach and will not suit your needs.

YouTube and Google are the most popular search engines on the internet, as most people rely on them for information and entertainment. With the right platform, your videos will get to the right online audience you need.

Optimize Your Title and Descriptions

As a summation of what your video entails, titles and descriptions have a big impact on video Search engine optimization. This is because some web tools pick filenames of posted videos as they go through the online hosted videos. These file names are then used to optimize searches.  For example, you can save your filename as; free video maker; if you are a free video software developer. You should do a thorough search for a keyword to use in your metadata; as it determines your ranking of search engine result pages. Once you have picked the appropriate keyword, you should use it as your file name or title.

Final Thoughts On Using a Free Video Maker For SEO

By now you should be in a position to get started on Video Search Engine Optimization for your video marketing content. You have seen the different ways you can increase the visibility of your videos, accomplish a better ranking status and make it to the top of search engine pages. Not only does the quality of video content you post on the internet matter, but also your video SEO techniques. Whether you are using a free video maker or a purchased version, you can create quality videos and insert optimizing features. With the right approach, you can make the value of your video content relate better to your target audience’s keystrokes on search engines.