Customers have more influence than ever in today’s Internet-driven environment. People who have a good customer experience with any brand will tell everyone about it. It’s known as “free publicity” or “word of mouth promotion,” and it’s entirely free. This also results in new business.

But what if your customer is dissatisfied with your service? The answer is easy. Customers will be unhappy with you. People are becoming more vocal about their experiences with products they use—whether good or bad—thanks to the online world. If they are unhappy, they start posting negative reviews on the internet or simply change the brand.

Consumers that get their complaints resolved quickly become loyal customers and even promote the product. However, customer-focused organizations will get a customer complaint at some point, irrespective of how well they serve their customers or how effective their product is.

Customers who have a complaint handled in a few minutes are more inclined to stick with the brand in the future. No one really enjoys responding to customer complaints, but this can also be an opportunity for your business to excel. Handling an angry client is your chance to develop a consumer that will be happy and loyal for the rest of their lives. The right approach can turn unpleasant customer experiences into great ones, and vice versa.

Customers believe the most important feature of any customer service center is that it respects their time and responds to their queries as quickly as possible. OneDios will ensure that this goal is met! In less than 60 seconds, a customer can make a service call. With the help of the platform, all Indian customers receive “straight from the company” end customer care. The platform is smooth and simple to use. It is one step ahead of the competition with its call-back service. If you have a problem with a Samsung product, you don’t need to contact Samsung customer care any longer.

So, what distinguishes OneDios as the ideal platform for dealing with client complaints? Here are some pointers to assist you in turning a client’s complaint into a treasure trove for your company.

  1. Take the time to listen and comprehend

People that call customer care are looking for a solution, whether it’s an installation request, a complaint or a general inquiry. They want the person on the other end of the line to pay attention and understand what they’re saying. Always pay attention to what your customers have to say. Customers choose quality over speed of response. As a result, pay attention to the issue; it may be handled over the phone.

The OneDios partnership with Samsung customer care has greatly improved the services. The representatives are approachable, competent, and courteous. With their superb listening abilities, they allow you to air your complaints and are always willing to work out a solution.

  1. Speak with a positive tone of voice

Let’s say a customer has an AC problem in the summer and tries to call Samsung customer care. He’ll be irritated, for sure. However, if a customer service rep responds in a positive tone, the issue can be diffused. Through words, the customer’s trust can be built. “I understand how difficult it is to be without air conditioning,” “I will look into the situation right now,” or “I will assign a technician immediately” are all examples of statements like these. This calms the customer down. Even if the client is irate when you’re speaking with them, attempt to stay cool and optimistic.

  1. Look for a solution

When a consumer has a valid complaint, you must evaluate and resolve the issue. To avoid transferring your client to a number of employees and managers, give your customer support team the ability to handle the majority of client concerns. If the problem has occurred before or is likely to occur again, make the necessary improvements to avoid getting a similar complaint.

  1. Customer follow-up

Make sure your consumers are satisfied with the solution by following up with them. This can take the form of an email or a survey asking for input on how the issue was resolved. OneDios also allows customers to rate the service they received, allowing feedback to reach brands directly.