Finding and hiring .Net software developers is not an easy task no matter how you approach it. With help of this framework IT professionals all over the world create tech products on any platform possible and every week new specialists enter the market. Still, experienced .NET developers are in extremely high demand, and finding one without paying an absurd sum of money for their services can seem almost impossible at times. In this post, we will talk about hiring vetted and handpicked software engineers with a minimal amount of risk. 

Why choose .NET

First, let’s talk about the .NET framework and its numerous advantages. It was created in 2002 by a worldwide known Microsoft company and is supported by its specialists to this day. With help of .NET, you can create basically any kind of application known today and even design whole games. It supports dozens of programming languages which makes finding developers easier for you because you won’t be limited to any particular language. Because this framework is supported by one of the biggest companies on the market, there won’t be any troubles with data security, and all new threats are fixed with patches on a regular basis. Overall, apps created with .NET are more scalable and have higher performance. 


Qualities to look for

Before you start a hiring process, you will need to have a clear plan for your future app, all requirements, basic features needed at launch, and preferred team structure. Based on that you will need to compose a compelling and engaging job description for every position. Ideally, you will need to hire a tech lead first, a full-stack .NET senior developer with great knowledge of all sides of the framework and the whole development cycle. With their help, you can determine all skills to look for in back and front-end developers, what technology they need to be familiar with and other things crucial for your app specifically. Of course, you can do it with the help of online guides, but tech skills that are extremely important in one case can be completely useless in another.

Of course, don’t forget about soft skills. Make a list of qualities your perfect candidate must possess, this will help you during the interviewing process. Besides all the usual stuff like the ability to communicate and compatibility with your team culture, .NET developers must be creative in their work because of the utterly endless possibilities the framework provides. Also, try to confirm their ability to learn about new programming tools and updates in languages because of the .NET dynamic nature. 

Where to find vetted .NET developers

If you want to hire reliable and skilled .NET developers, going to popular freelance sites is out of the question. There you can find some cheap workforce and even some rising talents, but usually, freelancers can be undisciplined and lack experience. Also, it is important to remember that experts in this framework are in high demand and rarely actively look for work, especially on sites like Upwork. Searching for software engineers in professional communities on GitHub or StackOverflow is more reliable because you will be able to see some examples of their code and even previous work, but without an extensive tech background or help from your tech lead, it can be hard to separate beginners from really experienced developers. 

One of the best ways to hire reliable .NET developers is to go to an IT staffing agency for help. Their recruiters will provide you with a list of viable candidates according to your project requirements and budget. You won’t have to worry about confirming your future employees’ qualifications because their hard skills were already tested by the staffing agency’s specialists. You can participate in the interviewing process to make sure that candidates’ soft skills are up to your standards but even this is not necessary if you found an agency that you trust completely. The only disadvantage coming with this option is the price. Experienced .NET software engineers in recruiters’ databases will ask for a high salary and don’t forget about the staffing agency’s fee too. 

Another option that will probably be more budget-friendly is an outsourcing vendor. They also have databases with vetted IT experts, except it is from different countries all over the world. If you are located in North America or Western Europe, you probably know that .NET developers with even six months of experience can come really pricey. But their counterparts with the same level of expertise from Eastern Europe, for example, can do the job for two to three times less money. Most tech professionals nowadays have a good level of English proficiency, which is tested by outsourcing companies, so you won’t have to worry about any problems with communication. To be absolutely sure the developer’s vendor provides you with, don’t neglect some research on outsourcing companies.  Try to find their social media pages, contact previous clients via email and read reviews on third-party sites about their services. Research about different outsourcing destinations also is a must, all of them have pros and cons and only you can decide what is a good fit for you. Remember, at this moment there are about 8 million .NET developers across the globe and you have what to choose from if you are not limited to only one location. 

.NET developers

Final thoughts

Finding vetted and reliable .NET software developers can be a headache in the modern market. Microsoft framework’s popularity is at an all-time high and IT specialists who mastered it are in unbelievable demand. But with all the obvious advantages of building an app with .NET, you still need to try and find tech talent that can help you. Without an extensive background in IT or an experienced technical lead by your side, finding developers with confirmed test skills is probably better with help from IT staffing or outsourcing agencies. And remember, remote hiring, especially from abroad, can save you a good amount of money.